Motorola Xoom: The next tablet generation with Android 3.0

At CES in Las Vegas virtually every manufacturer, holding something on themselves, has unveiled a new tablet, except Apple … iPad is probably a no-brainer! Motorola has soon also a tablet in the offer, that the name “ Xoom ” hears and comes here once as a real iPad killer therefore at least from the technical assumptions: 10.1 ″ widescreen HD display, dual-core processor with a gigahertz (Tegra 2), 32 gb memory (expandable via Microsd) and two cameras (front: 2 megapixel, back: 5 megapixel and HD video) sound like a great equipment package. In the United States, the Motorola Xoom for 400 to – $600 will be available in Q1 of the year – for Germany, there is still no date, but bridgat stay on the first Android 3.0 tablet.