Multifunction LED Flashlight

Last week came by post the long awaited high end flashlight LED LENSER M7R. I was surprised that the torch has been delivered in a small hard-shell case. This handy case contains a wall mount, belt clip, charger (wall outlet, USB and car), a small arm sling and of course the flashlight itself. The unpacking could not go fast enough and with every moment I enjoyed more of this modern and simply ingenious high-end flashlight.

High End Flashlight – the LED LENSER M7R

The LED LENSER M7R is no ordinary flashlight, as they can be found in every electronics store and at every gas station. M7R is far more. If only the charging system is different from most other flashlights.M7R runs over a Lilon battery with approximately 20 hours of run time. Loading this battery via a magnetic switch module that is simply “clipped” at the end of the flashlight. Thanks to the strong magnets, there is no slipping and wobbling. A small LED shows the current state of charge is displayed. So you always know when the lamp is ready for use.
The charging cable can be put not only into the outlet, but also to a USB port or into the cigarette lighter of the car. This ensures that all has the opportunity to invite his flashlight.
The optimized technology of Li-Ion batteries, which is the way of course extremely environmentally friendly, since no battery waste originates, ie the M7R has compared to the previous model (M7) almost twice as long burn time. As for waterproof flashlights (see GaryFlashlights),  probably the A and O.

The lighting programs

M7R has eight different lighting programs:
– Power: strong, bright light
– Low power: a somewhat weaker light, ideal for glare-free reading
– Blink: blink regularly
– SOS: flashing SOS code
– Strobe: very bright, flashing light for self-defense (you should not try on your own eye – it works really namely)
– Morse: lamp goes by tapping on; for sending Morse code
– dim lamp slowly alternates between strong and weak light, so that you easily can select the required brightness is.
– Boost: quick turns by tapping the switch

If these functions are too much, can choose between Easy, Professional or Defense mode. In Professional Mode all functions are (as described above) available; in Easy mode drop off all flashing and strobe functions, thus the M7R is can be a simple flashlight with two brightness levels, between which you toggle without problems; in Defense mode however, there is only the normal light and the strobe-defense function, ideal for private security personnel (see. also MT7).
Between the individual modes simply replaced by a small key combination that you can press the switch Has. A fantastically easy to use!

<strong< strong=””>The energy supply: Energy Modes & Low Battery Message System

The power supply of the LED flashlight can not be desired. One can choose whether the flashlight as long as possible to throw a strong light, but then as soon as the battery is drawing to quickly run out, or if you’d rather have a over a longer period slowly decreasing light itself. The advantage of the second variant is obvious: it is not suddenly without light in the forest!
In addition, the LED light has a Low Battery Message System, which indicates a need to change the battery by flashing about 5 minutes before the end of Batterleistung. What other flashlight on the market can offer something already?


By Speed ​​Focus-shift system can quickly change the size of the beam and fix them by a slight turning the bezel. A large light cone is ideal when you walk in the dark through a forest or fields and just want to have a large, but not focused light. Discovered you now an animal, so it focuses the light (thanks to the speed focus function with a simple hand movement) and the animal can brightly illuminate or track with the light beam.

Housing & Processing

Toll I find the high-quality processing of the torch: the casing is in black color, made of aircraft aluminum, absolutely reliable and resistant. With its 156 mm and 206 g intelligent flashlight is not only extremely well in the hand, but can also be comfortably in your pocket carry. Mir is still not fallen, but I’m assuming that the falls would also survive well. Special impressive, I find that the M7R is even splashproof. Ideal for the next outdoor use.

The high end torch in use

Shortly after I held the flashlight for the first time in my hands, I have checked with an outdoor colleagues on the heart and kidney. Since I got the flashlight kindly twice, I could this colleague with whom I have completed quite a few tours on bicycle (last on two wheels to the Arctic Circle) left. The joy of his hand was huge. We did not wait long and walked right into the middle of the night from the dark forest. With this we had our flashlights. We are excited! M7R is not comparable to other flashlights in the market. She trumps all the competition problems. By focusing, we had a perfectly bright, crisp light with which we were able to search the forest. Unfortunately we met no wild boar or deer. But but some rabbits and bats. Even the manufacturer’s specified range of 255 meters is not an exaggeration. We have not measured it, but think that it’s been about get there.
We are looking forward to the next major tour in the M7R is definitely having to be there!
After the next tour, there’s of course a detailed experience reporting.

Product Facts

Length: 156 mm
Weight: 206 g
Lumen: about 220 lm
Energy tank: 8.1 Wh
Light duration: about 20.5 hours
Lighting range: 255 m
Battery: up to 1000 times rechargeable
Speed ​​Focus with Lock Function
8 light functions
3 light programs
2 Energy Modes
control via microcontroller