Must Have: the Polo Shirt

The Polo Shirt should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe. Because this fashion classic fit, whether for the birthday of the mother-in-law, the casual Friday or the golf match.

What is a polo shirt to a polo shirt, the favorite of the men?

An important feature is the pique cotton fabric.

Features of Polos

He namely ensures that the fabric feels as comfortable on the skin and is thereby at the same time still beautiful air-permeable. But not only on the material one recognizes the Polo Shirt as described in clothes variety– short sleeves as well, the placket and ribbed collar are characteristics and the characteristics of a classic Polos.

While there was formerly the popular shirt in white only, today are no limits more creativity. The sporty model for everyday there are in different colors, patterns and designs. Whether Green, yellow, striped or just uni: Actually everyone finds his own favorite piece.

Rein Lacoste – the Father of All Polo Shirts

Today he is considered the inventor of the popular clothing: Rein Lacoste. The tennis player began already in the 30s so that to develop T-Shirts from cotton pique. These were (short), cut, and perfectly suited to the sport. Lacoste thus set a new trend. As compared to the previous models, long-armed, the Lacoste shirt was not only light, but also robust and tear-resistant.

And what may not be missing at the typical Lacoste polo shirt? Exactly: The crocodile. It was actually the nickname of Rein Lacoste – but quickly became the brand name and is also no longer become indispensable.

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