Next week at O2: HTC 7 Pro

Next week the first Windows phone comes 7 Smartphone with a full keyboard. This saves but not the hardware HTC and meets the strict hardware requirements of Microsoft with the HTC 7 Pro. I.e. the Smartphone offers a fast gigahertz processor with full power and more than sufficient 576 mb of RAM. In combination with the full keyboard, mAh battery and a large display diagonal has a large 1500 but unfortunately resulted in that the HTC 7 Pro with 185 g has become a heavyweight, similar to the Motorola milestone 2 or the HTC desire Z. don’t mind who or who is absolutely on the QWERTY keyboard is assigned to, which should be the HTC 7 necessarily look at Pro and of course this report.

Design and processing

We are actually very good quality by HTC and also the HTC 7 Pro is no exception. The keyboard is well thought out and the display brings angle by pressing the slider mechanism in an easily legible position at a 45 °. This isn’t actually more comfortable. In the augeklappten State, the HTC 7 looks Pro like a small laptop. On the front you will find the typical three keys for Windows phone 7 in the form of sensor keys without noticeable pressure point. This ensures that the surface is flat and the design is not disturbed by real keys. 15, 5mm thick, it is not a lot thicker than the competition with QWERTY keyboard, especially flat 7 Pro HTC doesn’t work however. By comparison, the Motorola milestone as one of the flat Estonians full keyboard of smartphones with slider is 13, 7 mm thick, the HTC desire Z measures 14, 6 mm in depth. Weight 185 g work much though for the first time, the competition with full-fledged keyboard weighs only a few grams of less and rare under 180 g. Also contributes large 1500 mAh battery, which should hold out in about 2 days with moderate use.

Hardware and equipment

If you want to have it not as accurate, I tell first of all short: the HTC 7 Pro features the current facilities with a gigahertz, ample memory, and all games that exist on the market. But those who want to deal Pro with HTC 7 in detail, should not skip this part of the report. The display be said that it is not a super AMOLED or an IPS Panel. HTC is more conservative in this area and offers a normal LCD with 3.6 ″ diagonal and the typical Windows phone 7 waiting for resolution of 800 × 480 pixels. No technical highlight, but there’s nothing to complain about! Rather you can complain about there already on the memory: 8 gb internally installed that are not card can be expanded with a micro SD. It’s a pity, so the Mp3 collection is not possible with any. A version with more memory there is no unfortunately also. The camera of HTC 7 Pro has 5 megapixels for photos, videos can be recorded in the now usual HD resolution 1280 × 720 pixels. For the HTC 7 Pro, that rather should position itself as a business smartphone, the camera is not necessarily as focus to see is therefore also no maximum output quality, expect. But always, the camera should be sufficient for good snapshots. Otherwise there are of course Wi-Fi (B/G/N), HSPA, A-GPS and Bluetooth, as it should be for a current Smartphone.

Windows phone 7: business operating system?

So far more Windows Mobile as a business operating system, Windows phone 7 makes the first steps in this area. The State of affairs is but currently tends to be that the larger operating systems iPhone, Android, and Windows phone 7 develop all in the direction of absolute versatility and suitability for everyday use, so that even a business operation is never ruled out. General Windows phone 7 ideal activities of course for all Office and E-Mail. Not for nothing Microsoft behind it, so that a particularly good compatibility with PowerPoint or Word of course is left to chance. The keyboard makes it easier of course also write longer emails. Well Windows phone 7 is suitable but also, to stay up to date with Facebook and other social networks. The integration and networking of services within Windows phone 7 benchmarks and let Android and iPhone OS in terms of intuitive operation and speed behind you.

Availability and price

Which is the HTC 7 Pro next week appear exclusively at O2 and 7 Smartphone the premiere in the area represent the Windows phone with QWERTY keyboard. As alternatives with Android we can Z and the Motorola milestone 2 recommend currently actually only the HTC desire, otherwise there is nothing comparable performance technical currently. Cost, the HTC 7 Pro without a contract is €569,-. If you want to be informed as soon as the HTC 7 Pro is available, just click on the article page of the HTC 7 Pro in our bridgat shop and then click “ notification if available ”. We will send you free of charge and with no obligation an email as soon as the HTC 7 Pro is available.