Young in the Corby family: CorbyTXT and CorbyPro

Even the basic model of the Samsung Corby family in Germany is not even the S3650 Corby available. This teen verpielte touch-screen device have we already reported and it is believed that’s still this September will be available. September is almost over, and Samsung is pleased to announce that the S3650 remains not only child in the Corby family. The siblings are called CorbyTXT and CorbyPro and are just as cheeky and colourful as the basic model.

Reason enough for us, the cheap dough series from Samsung yet closer to present. First of all to the facts and figures that are common to all Samsung Corby mobile phones. All devices are comparatively cheap Einsteigerhandys, which set as a target group in particular to the young generation. Shipped the phones with the user interface developed specifically by Samsung are cartoon UI, so that none of the phones may call Smartphone. Battery and upper shell of the Corby series are both interchangeable and new upper bowls in different colours available.

Samsung S3650 Corby – touch screen cell phone

Completeness halfway here yet once information about the basic model S3650:

, The small touch screen cell phone with dimensions: 103 × 57 × 13 and weighing only 93 grams makes a very playful impression. The round shape and the bright colours of the removable housing to attract young buyers probably first and foremost. As of August 31 it should be originally available in the countries for around €200. Now it is expected… towards the end of September.

But in this price range you may expect too much from the equipment: Although the cell phone as his expensive Smartphone kin has a 2, large touch screen, but it lacks many technical features 8″. So for example no Wi-Fi, UMTS, or GPS is integrated and the camera has only 2-megapixels. For this purpose are but basic features include stereo Bluetooth, E.g. Quadbad-GSM, GPRS, edge,.

On the phone the Samsung installed interface TouchWiz, which will probably run not 100% liquid due to lack of processing power. Positive credit still is that an FM radio with RDS in the Samsung Corby is installed.

Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT – with QWERTY keyboard

the 94 g lightweight Samsung B3210 Corby series comes with a .txt extension, which already clearly indicate the purpose and the strength of this device: fast writing by SMS, email and of course Internet messengers such as ICQ or MSN, should be possible with the CorbyTXT.

To do this, the B3210 CorbyTXT has installed a QWERTY keyboard. There is however no touch screen. Overall, 2.2 screen is ″ also small held and also the resolution of 176 × 144 pixels will make space for much multimedia and gadgets.

For Samsung bought the CorbyTXT a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and USB. In addition, an FM receiver will be built with which you can listen radio on your mobile phone easily. Latest connection technologies such as UMTS, HSDPA and Wi-Fi are not included with this unit, but since we have expected anything else.

Is also of a headphone jack 3, 5 mm jack. Thus radio and Mp3 function of the CorbyTXT can be optimally with your own headphone use. The narrow internal memory 40 MB is fortunately also MicroSD cards up to 8 gb increasing to.

Samsung B5310 CorbyPRO – QWERTY keyboard and touch screen

With 135 g the slider Samsung B5310 CorbyPRO compared to the other inmates of the Corby family is a heavyweight, even if smartphones mostly 20 – 30 g bringing more weight.

The mobile phone comes with a 2.8 ″ large touchscreen (230 × 240 pixels) and is also equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard. You could say it’s a combination of the S3650 and the B3210 Corby. In contrast to the S3650 Wi-Fi, HSDPA and GPS should be here but integrated. Thus, the BB5310 CorbyPRO will certainly be the most expensive mobile phone of the Corby series. Samsung variant also uses on a 2-megapixel in camera. The internal memory of 100mb can be fortunately its Bill to 16 gb via MicroSD card is.

Availability – S3650 and B3210 in September, B5310 in November

, The CorbyTXT is announced as well as the S3650 Corby for this September. The CorbyPRO will, however, only appear in November on the German market. You can check the of course series with us about the availability of all the Corby phones. Let is simply free of charge send an email as soon as the devices are available. Do this, click you just on the phone that you are interested in and click on the product page simply click “ can be no obligation to notify ”.