New multimedia phones from Nokia: X 3 and X 6

Nokia brings about not only the N97 mini, about which we already reported on the market. Two further devices 3 and X 6 to be published with the name X in the 4th quarter of this year for about 119,-€ (x 3) or €459,-(x 6) plus VAT. Retail prices actually look like, can be but not with last chance.
We introduce the new multimedia phones Nokia Symbian-based.

Nokia X 3 – multimedia slider phone

the small version of the X-series comes as a stylish slider and is shipped with the S40 of version of Symbian. Thus, the cell phone has no Smartphone quality, what you can expect but also at such affordable. In other words, the Nokia X 3 can be arbitrarily through programs (so called apps), which is the case with the larger version of Symbian (S60).

The display of multimedia mobile phone has 2.2 ″ and is resolved with standard 320 × 240 pixels – 16 million colours shown provide very good color fidelity. With on board a 3.1 is mega pixel camera. The internal memory is not just multimedia-compatible with 46mb, can be upgraded but luckily via MicroSD and MicroSDHC. Very convenient is the 3, 5mm headphone jack that you can use to connect any standard headphones to the Nokia X 3.

Nokia X 6 – touch screen Smartphone with lots of memory

Now, it seems to be that Nokia creates competition from private home almost tradition. Just the Nokia N97 was mini officially announced, the next full Nokia Smartphone in the wings is.

As with the N97 are also here with 32 gigabytes on board – more is there with no current phone. Unlike the N97 can here but not through a MicroSD card be expanded – normally are 32 gb but ohenhin far more than adequate. Symbian S60 is used as the operating system. According to the 3.2 ″ large touchscreen (360 × 640 pixels) of the Nokia X 6 is was here the 5th Edition installed, adjusted for that extra touch. Further Nokia has similar added still a startup screen like Samsung and made small changes to Symbian, so that now, the OVI store is full support.

Ausstattungsmäßig can score the flat Nokia X 6: GPS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi and a 5-megapixel camera are integrated. It would still interest whether Nokia is still on the resistive displays or decides for the more sensitive capacitive. Here, there was already evidence that Nokia will soon surrounded the production on the capacitive technology.

Music is also – “ comes with music ”

Also here Nokia tried consistently continues: both handsets with the in-house music Flatrate sold. are indicated by the addition of like even at the Nokia 5800, “ comes with music ”. With music-flat can the mobile buyer is a year-long free music from the Nokia music store download.