New Solar Energy Systems

Goal Zero presented their new solar panels and portable batteries.

Current technology is a very important tool in the field. It grew so much that it is sometimes essential for survival in an output, a GPS, radio, flashlights, etc. Few feelings compare to the trying to turn on a flashlight and watch batteries, ran out of worse still know that we don’t have a spare and that perhaps no one in kilometers.

To this need for electricity in new technologies, came another, the power supply it in places where you will not find a plug. So it was that portable solar panels gained ample importance, increasingly lighter and more powerful.

The Goal Zero brand is one of the most recognized flashlights in the, and recently presented innovations in the field who promise to make life increasingly easier and more “connected” into an outlet.

One of the new teams presented is the Sherpa 50, an update to the series that functions as a battery and charger. It is a system that stores large amounts of electric power thanks to its new system Li-Ion (lithium-ion). You can recharge from a wall power outlet in 3 hours, with a 12V adapter in a car between 3-4 hours and a solar panel in 6 to 12 hours. It can be chained with other Sherpa V2 series devices and has connections for USB, 12V, port for notebook and 110V.

As accessory for this battery fired Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging kit, which is nothing more than a portable solar panel, to recharge efficiently both Sherpa as several devices that are suited to the same tabs as your mother.

Finally, another new product is Switch 8, a battery of very good ability, to recharge all types of devices that accept a USB input. This is particularly useful in the one output field as in the city, since it is easily loaded into any equipment connected to the electrical network that has a USB port, but you can also do this with its own Recharging kit, similar to the Sherpa, in any area where there is sunlight.