New Years Eve Jewelry Ideas

The countdown has already begun, even the 2013 is ending to make way for a glorious new year cargo of hopes and dreams.

And what is the best way to bring luck on new year’s Eve? Wear something red, jewel! Know that even those who are not superstitious, category to which I belong.

Did I mention of jewels for your Christmas look and you’ll notice that I haven’t forgotten the inevitable red.

But today I want to go further, because maybe this year aimed at important goals, and who knows, maybe you hope also in the transformation of the frog who is beside you in a Prince. Do you really think just wearing one red slip to ensure success?

If you are among those who hope in the transformation of the frog, I’m not at all sure that exists in the world something that works for your case (I’m willing to be gainsaid of course).

For all other I’d say combine the classic slip, also a red jewel. Free space, then to your jewelry with rubies and coral red.

You want to pass you and guarantee you a good 2014? The Neapolitan tradition in no doubt about it: wear a nice Horn!

Do you think the company caprese ejiaxing has created even the line with horns: we mark the pendant with red coral and diamonds, a review very pretty of a classic subject.

About Red horns, you know what did the Mayor of Caserta? He spent 70 thousand euros to make a giant Horn 13 metres high. And guess where it did place? Right in front of the Royal Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997. I assure you that I was able to see it while my train was passing to Caserta station!

But I say: it is fine that maybe the Red underpants are not sufficient, and that’s fine that an amulet never hurt anyone, but to kick start this 2014 Attica not to end up likeLino Banfi in “Occhio, malocchio, prezzemolo e finocchio” ?!