NextGen cheap Phablet: Mobistel Cynus T7

It’s not even so long, as we have reported on cheap Phablets – including the Mobistel Cynus T5 was. This fea­ture is, that they offer much technology at a low price. Since the Mobistel Cynus T7 is no exception: the dual-SIM-enabled Phablet Android combined with a large display with a quad-core processor – only the internal memory with 4 gb is very small fall.

Mostly cheap Mediatek chipsets, which get not quite up to the performance of the current high-end smartphones stuck in the cheap China smartphones. It is also in the Mobistel Cynus T7: the Mediatek chipset has a quad-core processor with 4 x 1.2 GHz and 1 gb RAM. The huge 6 ″ display is almost as big as at the current Phablet Primus Sony Xperia but offers Ultra, Z “ only ” a HD resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels instead of full-HD and hence a relatively low pixel density of 245 DPI.

In addition, also the internal memory with only 4 is a buzz kill when the Mobistel Cynus T7 gb, because apps can be no more outsourced since Android 4.x on the SD card (also with App2SD!), so that the internal memory in a few app installations should be pretty fast at the end. Camera of Mobistel Smartphone, high-end results such as the Nokia Lumia is suitable for snapshots 13 megapixel 1020 or Sony Xperia Z1 may be expected but.


Overall it’s quite strongly at the Mobistel Cynus T7 on the sale price: 9, 9 mm thick, the Smartphone is not slim and with 205 g also no lightweight. The technique is however very solid and offers Android 4.2 ensure a fluid user experience. But those who seeking a high-end package, is wrong. In this case, you should better the Sony Xperia Z look Ultra or the Samsung Galaxy touch 3.