Nokia 5230 – Nokia surprises with affordable Smartphone

Nokia has declared war on the competition and surprised with a fantastic bargain. Your new smartphone, the Nokia 5230 touch screen with HSDPA, to be offered already to launch later this year for less than 200 euros.

The price war is open

while still leading cell phone manufacturer is Nokia but the advantage disappears slowly. Despite N97, particularly the more expensive smartphones not against the Apple or Android seem to be able to enforce competition. But also the demand for cheap smartphones increases enormously and right there it will apparently be with the Nokia 5230.

, The Nokia 5230 offers not only price incentives, but also technical. Equipped with a 3.2-inch touchscreen display and a resolution of 640 × 320 pixels (16:9 format) can be operated not only with his finger’s, but also with the supplied PIN. It is available in black/red, white/pink or white/dark silver and thus attracts a young target group. As the operating system Symbian S60 5th Edition announced.

Internet, camera and GPS


on the Internet with the Nokia 5230 via HSDPA. A Web browser, an email client, Instant Messanger, and direct access to the music store, YouTube or Ovi share are installed. Thanks to the location sensor can be viewed also as Web pages or videos in landscape mode. The music player equipped to conveniently listen to music even with modifier keys provides entertainment. There is also a 3.5 mm AV connector for standard headphones. It is believed that the Nokia 5230 probably as Edition with the comes with music Flatrate is brought out. This version would cost more of course safe. Somewhat saved was on the camera. It only has 2 megapixel, 3 x digital zoom but no Flash. Another advantage of the Nokia 5230 is the GPS receiver. Via A-GPS and Ovi maps 3.0, you can use the phone as a navigation device.

Nokia 5230 2009 will be expected to be available in the 4th quarter on the German market. If you want to be informed without any obligation to the launch, you can register for free by email on