Nokia 5230: Much Smartphone for little money

Nokia 5800 Xpress music is with its equipment with GPS, Wi-Fi, large touch screen display, etc for around 250,-€ along a real blockbuster. Now Nokia wants to offer a touchscreen Smartphone for even less money, which should also run with Symbian: Nokia 5230. The retail price should amount to around €149 before tax according to Nokia. Thus, the new Nokia 5230 is the best smartphone ever. Announced the Nokia 5230 for October 2009

, The affordable price has his permission of course. It is also illogical, if Nokia would create competition from private home with the Nokia 5230. So, you will have to make at the Nokia 5230 technically some smears. What remains the same, is that large 3.2 ″ display with a resolution of 640 × 360 pixels and 16.7 million colors. Also the battery has with 1320 mAh still the same capacity as the Nokia 5800. Even GPS navigation is still built into the Smartphone.

Operating system Symbian S60

With the Nokia 5230 the Symbian operating system is, as also with the Nokia 5800. Together with the OVI store by Nokia, in which new programs are presented and made available for download, so a wonderful Smartphone results functionality. This is also really good to use thanks to the rich variety of applications.

Multimedia – smears against Nokia 5800

The reasonable price must be achieved described also above, somehow also. Fortunately, Nokia has refused operating system not on a Smartphone, it saves in such places that are likely to be less important to some users. I believe most likely forgo one can still on the stereo speakers. Here only a mono speaker was installed at the Nokia 5230, so one must accept losses, what affects sound quality and volume.

, Photos can be shoot up with the Nokia 5230 only at a resolution of 2 megapixels – without any kind of Flash. A Xenon Flash, nor a LED light is installed. You may not waive the digital camera so with the Nokia 5230, because 2 mega pixel are low even for non-demanding photographers. The quality will be sure not too outstanding. Here, not the strength of the Nokia 5230 is easy. Unfortunately videos can be shot only with a non-standard resolution of 640 × 360 pixels.

What is unusual for cell phones and smart phones in this price range, is also at the Nokia 5230 not be integrated: the Wi-Fi connectivity is unfortunately missing. In the Internet you can get for via fast HSDPA.

A cheap Smartphone with many faces

, The Nokia 5230 externally strongly resembles the slightly more expensive Nokia 5800. However you can replace the fascia in various colors at the Nokia 5230 so here possibilities arise, which allow an individual design of the Smartphone.

Are you interested in the Nokia 5230? Like we can learn free of charge, as soon as the mobile phone with us is available. Simply open the product page of the mobile phone and click “ notification if available ”. You will then receive an email as soon as the mobile at bridgat is available. By the way, we have also the Nokia 5800 in the offering, in addition to the functions described still a 5 mega pixel camera, stereo speakers and Wi-Fi support has.