Nokia 5800 and 5630 Xpress music, N79, and N95 8 GB with Nokia Music Flatrate “ comes with music ”

Nokia is the first manufacturer that offers a flat-rate music. The flat rate is available only with selected devices. To start, there is service with the devices Nokia 5800 Xpress music, N79, N95 8 GB and Nokia 5630 Xpress music.

The flat rate includes free downloads from the Nokia music store for a year. Whether and how the customer then the service extension can without having to buy a new phone is not yet clear according to Nokia. At least, it is clear that at the end of the flat rate, the user may keep the songs in WMA format. You can play only on the registered phone and a registered PC. A sharing of music is not possible. Also burning to CD is not provided.

Unfortunately already existing models can not later “ comes with music ” be equipped. After all, the choice with over 5 million titles is great.

By the way, are both for the Nokia 5800 Xpress music and the Nokia N79 or N95 8 GB and also for the Nokia 5630 Xpress music 3 months GPS navigation for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland for free with included.

Those who are interested in the new models, should think if he on the road wants to download title on his cell phone be sure it to book a mobile Flatrate. It suited the new Vodafone Internet tariffs or the COMI of the T-Mobile relax or Combi flat rates or even the Debitel rates with take away flat option with which to unlimited surf surcharge for 9.95 euro in the month from your mobile can particularly well.