Nokia 5800 Xpress music – Nokia’s first touchscreen device

Since the end of last year Nokia’s 5800 Xpress music on the market. The device is an is a great all-rounder and has a lot to offer.

Watch videos or photos and Internet surfing is fun with this phone, because the display is 3.2 inches tall, can display 16.7 million colors and has a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels. For a touchscreen device is the Nokia 5800 has got pretty easy and small.
The battery life is specified with 8.8 hours in GSM network and 5 hours in the UMTS network. (Standby: 406,2 hours in the GSM network and 400 hours in the UMTS NET.)

A real highlight are the three different ways to input text: you can either normal access T9, the full keyboard use or but handwritten input make, because the device has a handwriting recognition!

The camera has 3.2 mega pixels and offers a wide range of shooting modes such as portrait, close-up or night. There is also a self timer with three different shutter reaction time. White balance, contrast, colors and sharpness can be adjusted. Also the Nokia 5800 Xpress music with a built-in photo light. Thus the digital camera can be time safely at home, because the photos can be really seen.

Listen to music are all popular formats, including Windows Media Player 11, available. Also, of course, the device is features GPS.

Also the contact management capabilities are

especially great: you can place up to four favorite contacts on the contact Strip, needs only to tap these and promptly gets a phone log and the contents of the last SMS. Also you can send a new message directly from here or call the respective contact.

With the built-in speaker provides the Nokia 5800 Xpress music a great sound quality, allowing conversations easily result in fair environment. The device also has a speakerphone and you may hold conference calls. Even video telephony is possible, what the great model that iphone, can’t!

The phone is a real all-round talent and provides all the functions needed in everyday life (and many more.) you can the Nokia 5800 Xpress music blue or red order or as a variant with comes with music.

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