Nokia 6760 slide – Smartphone for teens

, Sold in the United States as Nokia surge Smartphone with QWERTY keyboard coming 6760 slide under the name Nokia now to Europe. As mobile phone that has been on the Internet and in particular on social networks and instant messaging, it appeals to a young audience.

The perfect Web phone

Nokia 6760 slide offers accessibility almost always and everywhere. While it is limited not only to phoning or texting, but has all the Internet and especially Web 2.0 so to offer. The cell phone that runs on Symbian S60, has einen2, 4-inch display with 240 × 320 pixels resolution and 16.7 million colours shown. It can be with the help of the aufschiebaren QWERTY keyboard also conveniently fast to type or write long texts. The Internet is fast HSDPA, 3.6 MBit / s and can operate the email client, the different pre-loaded instant messager, and direct access to various social networks in high speed speed.

Entertainment is provided

But this 6760 slide has even more to offer: A 3.2 mega pixel camera with 4fachem zoom, digital focus and photo editor is also on board. With it, you can record videos. Media Player comes with Flash support and the music player with FM radio. On the phone, you can connect also 2.5 mm headphones to listen to music on the go. For music is not all too much space internal memory on the 128 MB large. But with MicroSD cards, you can expand the memory up to 8 GB. That’s enough for the 2000 songs.

Other useful features

With A-GPS GPS receiver integrates 6760 slide on the Nokia’s navigate easily allows. Procedure or unnecessary detours are with this mobile, so the past. With the pre-installed PDF reader and Quickoffice to read Office documents, nothing in the way should be also working with mobile phones. Thanks to Bluetooth support can with A2DP wireless stereo of headsets with the mobile connect, which is useful especially in the car. With the MicroUSB connection data between your phone and computer can be exchanged or even recharge the mobile phone. Thus, the Nokia is progressive, 6760 slide as from 2010-Standard Chargers to MicroUSB base throughout the EU should be enforced, as reported here. Battery life in standby mode is 400 hours or 4.7 hours duration telephony. The Nokia 6760 slide should appear in Q4 09.

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