Nokia E72 – Smartphone with keyboard now available!

Of the successor of the Nokia E71, which already was a great success, have been long in coming. But now it is so far: the noble business smartphone Nokia E72 with full QWERTY keyboard is available. Reason enough for us, the little all-rounders for notorious prolific writer once in detail to introduce you!

Design and processing

Usual quality, the Nokia E72 is processed. Much metal is processed with this Smartphone, so it leaves a good impression right in the hand. Little has changed in comparison to its predecessor, but it not bother, because already the Nokia E71 was processing already very far. Here only details have changed, such as being the menu buttons now also made of metal. Also, the keyboard and the format E-series makes a typical Nokia impression. Optical differences between the Nokia E71 and Nokia E72 you can here (left Nokia E71, right Nokia E72) see:

new features compared to its predecessor Nokia E71

the most important changes compared to its predecessor in the overview:

technical equipment: wholesome!

Certainly is the Nokia E72 first and foremost on people who want to easily retrieve emails and write such comfortable and send with their Smartphone. But this Smartphone can even more: in addition to the 5 mega pixel camera, Mp3 and navigation via A GPS there is fast access to the Internet via HSDPA and HSUPA even (for fast upload!). The Nokia E72 is a faithful companion in all situations of life. Thanks to a small, economical display and huge 1500 mAh battery is the Nokia E72 also not as fast as its Smartphone colleagues with a huge run out of steam, display.

Operating system: Symbian S60 feature pack

As already the previous models is the Nokia E72 also equipped with the Symbian operating system. This is played in the most recent version, which comes with some new features: so, E.g. Nokia’s new email client is installed, with the very easy to adjust the most popular email provider via pre-select (of course also any other ….). Also, the user has access to Nokia’s OVI applications must forward (such as OVI maps, OVI chat …). There is a detailed review at cyberbloc!