Nokia announces first NetBook

Having circulated already quiet premonitions in the Internet, it is now officially: Nokia enters the market of Netbooks and has also been the first candidate präsentieren ready: the Nokia booklet 3 G

Even if Nokia is still the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer, the air seems slowly to be scarce and the need for new innovations is loud. With the Nokia booklet 3 G, Nokia wants to secure now strong market share in the mobile Internet and the previously announced technical specifications read already times quite promising after the first press releases.

Surprisingly powerful

As perhaps itself suggests, the Nokia NetBook is completely designed for mobile use. So, one finds also a HSPA Wi-Fi compatible 3 g modem. SIM cards are interchangeable even in the running. A 10.1 inch display with HD image quality and therefore probably more than the NetBook standard 1024 × 600 pixel resolution is as promised, such as an HDMI output, Bluetooth, a card reader for SD cards and 3 USB ports. The slim NetBook in the all around in housing (18.5 x 26.4 x 19.9 mm) should even have a battery that lasts 12 hours. That is more than amazing at the mass and the promised performance and one can be curious on first practice tests. With regard to this claim is puzzled over the processor. Many sources come from an Intel Atom processor. Similarly, no data on the memory are let alone known to RAM.

The Nokia features

Nokia says, must be of course Nokia inside. A-GPS with Ovi maps gadget can be used the Nokia booklet 3 G virtually as a Navi or for determining location. As a synchronization with the Nokia mobile should be easily possible, and also to the Nokia music store is a link directly from your desktop. To stimulate the use of mobile, even video telephony is possible in addition to mobile Internet usage with the camera mounted on the front. The NetBook will run with any operating system, is not yet known. But is that it will be Windows. With more details, Nokia has so far covered. But then should it to the own exhibition “ Nokia Word ” give in early September. We are looking forward.

The official promotional video

If you are interested in Netbooks with unlimited data for the use of the mobile Internet, you will find it on Also you can register without obligation at mobile shop by via email, if you want to be informed about the launch of the Nokia booklet 3 G.