Nokia Lumia 1520 in the Test

On 14 may, I have received a small package from Nokia – already the days before I expected 1520 my Lumia test device. 3 weeks I could that huge part of test now and make me a better picture of Windows phone. As a longtime iPhone (currently 4S) I signed up until now only a few hours/days set apart with other operating systems…the following I try review to tell you about my impressions and experiences.

  • First impression
  • Technical data
  • Synchronization – Office 365 FTW!
    • OneNote
    • Office
  • Conclusion

First impression

The first impression of me, but also by all the others, which I’ve shown the Lumia 1520 was: “WOW, huge part!”. The operation and Setup was super easy – is perhaps also because that my colleague and Microsoft MVP Stephen several times to convince tried me the benefits of Windows phones.

After the first app downloads, design adaptations and dubbings (more on that later) already the first sobering-up due to the size of the Lumia 1520: just go into the host discharging ash is not, for it is 1520 just too big (ok, with Paninaro it works probably). I’m below features a Phablets with 6″.

Nokia Lumia 1520 – technical data:

A glance in the data sheet of the Nokia Lumia 1520 shows that the device has a lot to offer. As iPhone users, especially the long battery life has impressed me. Despite 6″ I could use the device time almost 2 days without charging screen.

Synchronization – Office 365 FTW!

A great advantage of the Lumia 1520 or a Windows phones I quite quickly noticed: synchronization! Microsoft has succeeded what Apple with iCloud more than ver * has: documents, pictures, E-mails, music,… all synchronized on all devices or available through the cloud. To date I have EverNote, dropbox, SMTP, memories (m.M.n. the only useful iCloud product) etc. tried to bring order and synchronization in my everyday life and my different devices and was only partially satisfied. After the März Onenote for Mac was presented, I started also the private (in the Agency we have it on Windows computers with Office 365 already longer in use) on the rather unknown program from Windows to put in.

… and the best thing: the online use of all the Windows programs is free of charge. The synchronization works on almost any device (also for iOS, there are Office apps), the data can be viewed online. Currently, there are 7 GB for every new free user for OneDrive (equivalent to DropBox and SkyDrive formerly). Photo sync there again 3 GB = 10 GB for free. For every referred user there again 500MB on top – here is my referral link :-). The following functions are available online but also for synchronization:

OneNote on Windows phone

But back to the Lumia 1520. The OneNote application offers all important functions that you use in the desktop version. The operation is really very simple and therefore I used very often the app in meetings to write me little notes or ToDo lists to derive.

If it had to go really quick I used the photo and voice recording function. Back at work I could even process the notes and if necessary. revise.

Until I find a suitable system with my OneNote it has taken some time, but now my notebooks are well arranged and individual worksheets well sorted so that I, hold all my private activities in OneNote from the shopping list to leave – and article planning. By the way: notebooks can be shared with other live users, enables what simple common work.

Office on Windows phone

With the Lumia 1520, you have also the possibility of Word to edit, PowerPoint, or Excel documents. There are all the important functions of desktop programs available which also animations are correctly represented by presentations. The 6″ wide screen is used in the Office applications. The high resolution spared one eternal rum shove up documents.

Despite the numerous features and capabilities I can imagine it productive to conjure up something new with the Office apps. This is m.M.n. but not the sense of the whole. The Office apps serve me for viewing of documents from on the road and give me to be able to perform the safety in case of emergency changes. A presentation can easily by synchronizing with the desktop files of on the road played out or thrown a last look at the balance-sheet.

More Office functionality

With the Windows phone and especially with the large Lumia 1520 many other Office functions perfectly to use are self-evident. Basic functionality like photo synchronization are covered by OneDrive (which by the way, has recently 15 GB in the free account).


The Nokia Lumia 1520 us in the test convinced. The large display is used primarily for business applications and you want to actually no longer forgo the 6″. We have not carried out the small number of apps, criticized by many, we want to go up to this point but our next test. A test of the new Nokia Lumia 930 is waiting for you in the coming weeks! This new high-end model from the home Microsoft might be for many critics of the 6″ screen the suitable alternative (5″). We are excited and look forward to your opinions (for the first time about 1520).