Nokia Lumia 520 Review

Cheap, small and inconspicuous, according to AdDuplex, but the top-selling Windows phone 8 smartphone ever: the Nokia Lumia 520 is a Smartphone that sly has it behind the ears. Just the Lumia 520 affordable Android smartphones one-upmanship is ahead thanks to the unassuming and therefore very fluid operating system. We the advantages of the top-selling Windows phone imagine this article 8 smartphones more.

Visually Lumia is typical with about 13 percent market share top-selling Windows phone 8 Smartphone: it is with 9, not particularly thick, there are many colors available 9 mm and it works like a cast. The front of the Smartphones protected by Gorilla glass, missed a high-quality optics the Lumia 920. By the round forms’s lies in the hand very comfortably and pleasantly easy 123 g – no comparison to edgy high-end smartphones made of glass or metal, such as the HTC one or the Sony Xperia Z. I imagine now what lies dormant under the hood of the Lumia 520 and what power supply the compact smartphone for a price not even 200,-EUR, you.

Windows phone 8 – ideal for entry level Smartphone with free offline navigation

Cheap mobile phones weren’t not too long ago with a “ smart ” operating system equipped with so-called proprietary operating systems are much easier to design and were not be supplemented by applications. The possibilities with these phones were very limited and hard to compare with the possibilities of modern smartphones. In the lower price segment up to 200,-€ sensible Smartphones have gathered only about half a year ago. Problem however with the affordable Android Smartphones: often they run choppy because Android compared to Apple’s iOS or just Windows phone 8. Who – like I for example – on juddering sensitive operation, for which I would recommend at least tend WP8-Smartphone or an Apple iPhone.

Running Windows phone 8 smartphones in the cheap segment exceptionally smoothly and flawlessly. Also through the collaboration between Microsoft and Nokia, benefits because the software package of the Nokia Lumia 520 differs from much more expensive smartphones of the Lumia series, like for example the camera reference Smartphone Nokia Lumia 1020. I.e. you get to Nokia here drive free for example the highly recommended offline navigation with A GPS with your Smartphone can be navigated. Free navigation software without restrictions for Germany, Austria and Switzerland is – who would have all the cards around the world, pays very good of 15.49 €.

Hardware: not a high-end, but appropriate!

Of course you would expect at a so cheap Smartphone no high-end hardware, but the Nokia Lumia 520 need not hide also ahead of the competition, especially with Windows phone 8 as a software base. The 4 large display (such as the Apple iPhone 5) is an IPS LCD, which resolves with 800 × 480 pixels. Nokia makes with of course not the race for the highest display resolution, a pixel density of 235 DPI goes in this price range but always in order. The angular tiles of the Windows phone operating system anyway ensure that individual pixels may not so much notice or interfere, such as when Android.

Inside, a dual-core works processor with 1 GHz (Qualcomm S4 plus MSM8227), which is supported by 512 mb of memory. HSPA +, WiFi, Bluetooth and A-GPS, all available – LTE is missing, but it is also currently not to expect in this price range. Anyone looking for a cheap Smartphone with LTE, which you will find it in the Samsung Galaxy ACE 3, but priced again playing in a different price range, quite aside from that a pole right LTE plans usually also again cost money.

The internal memory of Nokia Lumia 520 is 8 gb somewhat scarce, but can be extended via Microsd card. The biggest weakness of the Nokia Lumia 520 are the 5 megapixel camera and the battery, which is somewhat scarce with 1 430mAh. But there’s a small consolation for the battery: In contrast to expensive smartphones you can exchange it themselves easily. The camera of the low budget of Lumias falls more into the category of snapshot camera, has but some nice software features, which can be used really well but only in good light – a LED light to the photograph (or even popular: as a flashlight) is not present.

Conclusion, availability and price

The Nokia Lumia 520 is rightly the top-selling Windows phone 8 Smartphone – so cheap you get no such round entry into the world of smart phones at the moment. The housing has got really nice despite much plastic and has a high quality in this price range. Software-Windows phone 8 can convince repeatedly with particularly liquid operation, with rather weak hardware. Very nice addition there is Nokia here drive, which is ideally suited for A-GPS navigation free offline navigation (roof cards). Nice gimmick by the way: the touch screen can be operated even when wearing gloves.

Where is light, must be

but of course shadow: the battery can not convince for frequent users, is replaceable but (at a pinch), and also the camera is good only for snapshots. One get all-in-all a great WP8 Smartphone that have shop is currently just over 150,-€ in the bridgat with the Nokia Lumia 520 for a very reasonable price. For current prices click directly in the shop. As an alternative in the area of Windows phone 8 I can recommend the unknown Samsung Ativ S with HD Super AMOLED display, aluminum case and 8 megapixel camera also a performance class later settled is, but also about 70,-€ will cost more (without offline navigation!).