Nokia Lumia 610: Windows phone 7 entry-level Smartphone

The Nokia Lumia 800 is an unexpected success for Nokia, because the model with Windows phone 7 sold very well due to its sleek design combined with the sophisticated operating system by Microsoft. These strengths to benefit from Nokia in the affordable entry level segment and brings a stripped-down version of the high-end Smartphone Lumia 800 on the market with the Nokia Lumia 610 apparently. This fits well to the announcement that Microsoft Tango wants to publish a limited version of the operating system with the update to Windows phone 7.

Nokia Lumia 610 – design of the Lumia 800 with mid-range hardware

Self which is Nokia Lumia 800 is not necessarily an “ hardware-Monster ” compared to the current competition with dual-core farmed up processor (Motorola RAZR, Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC sensation XL). But that doesn’t bother Windows phone 7, because the operating system runs with weaker hardware very fluid, especially when compared to Android. It’s so little, that the Nokia Lumia 610 of only a 3.5 ″ display has á la iPhone, 256mb memory and a 600 MHz processor. I’m sure that the Finns still do it with the Windows phone 7 update “ Tango ” to conjure up a very fluid user experience on the screen.

Windows phone 7 Tango

We have only recently the soon upcoming Windows phone 7 split in two categories reported: in the future there will be not a single Windows phone 7, but one “ two classes society ”. Windows phone 7 will run on the cheap Smartphones (such as the Nokia Lumia 610) Tango. While some functions are limited. Especially interesting: It no longer all applications to freely available be, but only those that also run on Windows phone 7 smartphones with weaker hardware. These then undergo a test by Microsoft and are then freed. This restricts the access of the marketplace, but also the especially fluid user experience for Windows phone 7 smartphones ensures.

Availability and price

So far is the Windows phone 7 Smartphone Nokia Lumia 610 just a rumor that are circulating on the Internet. We expect that to the MWC 2012 Barcelona details about this Smartphone are published, such as the price, the Windows version and the exact hardware specifications, where other cheap Windows phone 7 could orientate Tango smartphones. As with the Nokia Lumia 710t run according to rumors also the battery be interchangeable.