Nokia Lumia Tablet Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft is with its surface RT tablets on the nose dropped and reported a loss of 900 million $ through the in-house Windows RT tablet. Now a Nokia Lumia tablet in Asia has been spotted and in the picture it is to recognize that Nokia is put also on Windows RT. Is the flop? Should Nokia set but rather to a full-fledged Windows 8? Or would it was at Microsoft not the OS itself, but the inflated launch price?

Windows RT is an once again independent operating system with the appearance of Windows 8 in addition to Windows 8 and Windows phone 8. It offers the typical interface of Windows 8 in tile form, but also a desktop mode. Appropriate desktop programs run but because the programming for mobile processors do not, but only adapted Windows RT applications (like E.g. a pretty good version of the Office). This restriction would have the Nokia Lumia tablet when it should actually come on the market with Windows RT.

I personally think Windows RT not bad at all: it combines the Windows interface and good Office skills with the availability of low-power mobile processors and this just so chic looks like Windows 8. If the price is right and has still not quite bad reputation Windows RT, even a success could be the Nokia Lumia tablet with Windows RT. Technically is with 10.1 ″ full HD display, Snapdragon 800 chipset (quad-core processor), LTE and 32 gb memory anyway, a lot of power hope to.