Nokia N8: launch from September

Is currently still market leader Nokia, the trends speak clearly against the mobile phone giant. The ravages of time in the company that may be too long has held on Symbian and so far in the area could put no accents the Smartphone. With Symbian ^ 3 but is not everything differently, but the Nokia N8 looks at least promising: multi-tasking, multi touch display and a powerful 12 megapixel camera with Xenon Flash and HD video function talk for Nokia concoction N8, that should already be in August in stores.

Symbian ^ 3 Finally compete?

Android and iPhone OS – these two place deer under the Smartphone were operating system so far everyone is talking about. In addition to these two desire children in the mobile industry, Symbian looks like an unloved child. Although no operating system has been perfect so far, but in addition to the radiant, smooth-running competition from Apple and Google, Nokia looks descendant literally old. Symbian will change everything ^ 3 does not, perhaps, the N8 is even the last Symbian Smartphone that MeeGo comes inexorably. But: Symbian ^ 3 is much better than Symbian S60. It supports multitouch, now also, menu items finally respond to a simple print (not a mindless double-clicking more) and the optics was also slightly revised. Symbian is also Yes generally also not bad: the openness of the system, many setting options, resource-friendly operation and support of multi-tasking is appreciated by the users often. Typically missing also Symbian ^ 3 the smooth running Android or iPhone OS, but if you buy a Symbian Smartphone, has other priorities at the time of purchase. A fast browser so unfortunately also lacks the Nokia N8. Maybe this is improved to the release. For the Nokia N8 with balanced, high-performance hardware can score.

Nokia N8: quality workmanship and hardware-power

, Nokia had always been high standards in terms of processing quality, which continues seamlessly with the slightly chubby troubled Nokia N8. The Nokia N8 an aluminum housing makes a real woman, who looks even more precious. Other models are indeed flat, but so flat cell phones currently hardly one is lens with Xenon Flash accommodate 12 megapixels. Hardware processor and 256 mb of memory is not very demanding Platform Symbian a 680 MHz. The AMOLED display with 3.5 ″ diagonal and a resolution of 360 × 480 pixels provides good image quality, can’t keep up well but with the current top display of the Samsung Galaxy S or the Apple iPhone 4. The internal memory is 16 gb, which is also advisable: the 12 megapixel images that are possible with the camera of the Nokia N8, properly take place. But also HD video capture at a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels cost space properly. The quality of both photos and videos is very good. In particular the Xenon Flash can withdraw from other cell phone cameras with LED flash the Nokia N8.

Availability and price

The sales launch will start in September of this year. Thus, Nokia is not just innovative with the Nokia N8, because already there are devices which have hardware to offer a lot more. These are not only the iPhone 4 or the Samsung Galaxy S. The unique combination of good hardware, good workmanship and outstanding camera with many features not there but so far so on the market. A good reason to choose that from September for about 450,-€ will be the Nokia N8. If you want to be informed by us, as soon as the Nokia N8 is available, simply click on the article page of the Smartphone and then “ notification when available ”. You will then receive an email from us when we can offer you the Nokia N8. This service is for you of course without obligation and free of charge!