Nokia N97 – the latest mega mobile phone from Nokia

The Nokia N97 on the market is

as of end of June 2009. Long before the release made headlines. Voice over IP (VOIP) with Skype on the N97
Supposedly, were troubled by the network operator to the pre-loaded Skype software because they saw their sales of threatened and announced a boycott. Despite all advance the phone will be available everywhere but now discussions.

The N97 comes with a full keyboard
The special feature of the Nokia N97 is among other things an additional keyboard to the touch screen, which is revealed by sliding on. This offers the opportunity to enter SMS also easily using the keyboard. Of course, the device has the standard T9 input help.

The good integration of Internet by Skype, but also the powerful browser, the mobile offers a variety of ways. It is here, then of course that the tariff has the ability to use the Internet. Recommended here as the Combi would be tariffs from T-Mobile flat.

Multimedia and N97
Although the focus on mobile Internet usage, the N97 has also a lot to offer:
One a 5 megapixel camera with Flash, music player, GPS, and much more.

Nokia N97 compared to its predecessor, the Nokia N96
In comparison to the N96, a predecessor model, Nokia has improved a lot. Starting with the battery: while the N96 was a battery voltage of 950 mAh, the N97 now has 1500 mAh. This is at the same time reduces the charging time and increases performance. This was almost doubled by 230 hours to 430 hours!

Also the internal memory is now 16 GB, in contrast to 8 GB with the N96.

, The N97 is more aligned in contrast to other models of the N-series on business, was not so some multimedia tools. Radio listening is now, for example, no longer possible. (You can read here the entire comparison.)

Back to the N97: for example the extra is great, that displays the content in portrait or landscape mode, depending on how the phone is held. This offers many possibilities: Office documents can be better represented, videos and photographs are in the landscape to consider and write SMS or mail to has enough space. We must be curious!

Nokia N97 and Nokia N96 in the bridgat mobile phone shop
You can order the Nokia N97 now in the mobile phone shop. From 23 June – immediately to release – it is delivered then.

The Nokia N96 is of course also available from

UPDATE: the Nokia N97 is sold currently (at very expensive prices) in 4 Nokia flagship stores. Latest from early/mid July 2009 it will be available also in other shops and therefore bridgat. Who can wait will save certainly at least 150 euros when compared to the Nokia store …