Nokia OVI store – programs, games, videos and ring tones

For Nokia users and those who want to become it has Nokia well-off now even Nokia to let, to offer an app store. The principle is the same as for the Apple’s competition (or E.g. Samsung): developers are your programs for free or for for a small amount of money for free and users enjoy the diverse range of programs and games.

OVI is Finnish and is called simply “ door ” and is available for Nokia’s desire to connect Internet and mobility. It is the umbrella brand for some Internet projects at the same time, the Nokia keeps running. Including also the so called OVI store, which has in its offer programs, games, videos and ringtones. Very important: Many programs are freeware, i.e. completely free, available and should offer as a purchase incentive for Nokia devices.

In addition to this function as a marketplace for programs OVI to can but much, much more. On, interested users can find a series of buttons and functions: not only downloading new apps to be hedged with OVI, but also data (calendar entries, photos, etc.) you want to can be synchronized with OVI via the Internet. In addition there is the Nokia Music Store (known from mobile phones with the addition “ comes with music ”), with the man himself can download the latest MP3s from the Internet. Specifically for the N-series users there is the N-Gage game portal with various game titles to download.

All current Nokia models find, together with other current smartphones and cell phones, of course, at bridgat! Unfortunately access to the OVI store is currently limited to Nokia phones ….