Nokia smartphones with Android or Windows phone 7?

, Nokia has unfortunately somewhat oversleep entry into the Smartphone market, long was arrested at Symbian whether the successor to MeeGo will tear it, can not predict. Android, iPhone OS, and even the novice Windows phone 7 look compared to the Symbian team of simply intuitive, fluid and contemporary. Economically this is reflected in the latest accounts of Nokia: 22% less profit (4th quarter 2010) compared to the previous year is a lot of wood. The newly appointed Nokia boss Stephen Elop sees in only two alternative ways to counteract this development: either had to build up a competitive Smartphone operating system or one of the existing join (Android or Windows phone 7). Maybe the decision will be made soon, because on 11 February, the new Chief of Nokia unveils his plans.


Our conclusion

a makeover would Nokia sure new give boost, especially because the new Nokia Smartphone are technically top right. The Nokia N8 offers as the best phone camera on the market and the upcoming Nokia N9 will ensure set standards in the field of business smartphones with full keyboard. Only the correct operating system is missing for the success!