Nokia Windows Phone 6 Inches

Windows phone 8 smartphones with a really large display about 5 ″ diagonal are real. Nokia has opposed and complements the portfolio very heavily established already in this year with a 6 ″ full-HD display. It’s running the previous leader Nokia Lumia 625 with 4.7 ″ display in terms of display size significantly from the rank. In addition, the Nokia Bandit (probably a code name) with high-end display and hardware will be equipped. Microsoft is meanwhile working on a full HD and quad-core support for Windows phone 8.

In contrast to previous Windows phone Nokia opts for 8 Smartphones that not had to adorn themselves with the economy operating system with hardware laurels, with the Bandit real high-end hardware, as the verge has learned from an anonymous informant. According to these reports the Windows phone will be equipped 8 Phablet with a Snapdragon chipset, which is equipped with a quad-core chip set. There is no information about the frequency and the amount of memory so far or what chipset it is exactly. For the next generation Android smartphones would be anyway, the Snapdragon 800 the measure of all things, as he’s ultra Z as in the HTC One Max or the Sony Xperia.

The housing to. as for Nokia smartphones, made from polycarbonate and are manufactured as a unibody and come in very flat and easy. In this respect, a larger color palette is available than the competitors safe again. The camera of the Nokia bandit to shoot at least 20 megapixels can whether it but 1020 achieved the quality of the Nokia Lumia is not known. But at least housing should be above minimum loading at the camera than the rest of the case, to accommodate the camera technology. It is so to assume that anyway, as at the top Smartphone Nokia Lumia 925 an optical image stabilizer will be built again.