Nokia’s NetBook novelty: booklet 3 G

, Netbooks are basically small, portable laptops, specially designed on the way to surf. Nowadays, every manufacturer of computer technology has usually even a variety of Netbooks in the programme. Nokia was not represented here so far. This should change with the Nokia booklet 3 G, that consciously bridges the gap between computer and Smartphone and is delivered with the new Microsoft operating system Windows 7. Hardware – NetBook typical, but some surprises

the booklet 3 G Nokia has comes quite NetBook typical with the Intel processor atom and an Intel chipset. This combination is very economical and is sufficient for most applications, where this hardware of course is intended nicht for current games. But that expected none from a NetBook. Particularly interesting are the small surprises, which has to offer the Nokia booklet: the NetBook ruled out not only the fast A-GPS for navigation, but also the connection to the Internet via UMTS and HSDPA. Another surprise on the edge: Nokia completely dispenses with a normal network connection. The fast data connections and Wi-Fi will probably replace this. According to Nokia, the booklet provides 3 G battery life of up to 12 hours. This is not necessarily great, but still very good.

, The display of the Nokia booklet 3 G is solved with 1280 × 720 pixels. For a diagonal of 10 ″ that is always sufficient and competition, is greater than that of the NetBook almost exclusively with a resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels drives. Unfortunately, even Nokia expired towards reflective displays that make little sense for such portable devices of I believe. The advantage of reflective (so “ glossy ”) display is located in the brilliance of color, which has improved thanks to the glossy surface. The big drawback is that you out there can start mostly little to nothing with such a display.

Windows 7 – not only visually a treat

The new Microsoft OS on a NetBook … spontaneously, you might think the NetBook would not suit the elaborate look of Windows 7. But how reported, the new operating system works on the Nokia booklet 3 G very liquid, even if the graphic representation of the Aero interface eating away at the weak graphics chip of the NetBook.
Operating technical the Microsoft operating system offers some new features, which look quite can. So the taskbar was upgraded visually and is now easier to use. You can also better the screen adapt to window and dock at will. Visually it is very similar to Windows Vista … but you imagine time Windows Vista on a NetBook with 1 gb memory. That of course not feeling well. Windows 7 manages the balancing act between Nice optics and good speed.

Housing – very high quality

At this early stage, the booklet as a prototype already makes a very good impression. Similar as the expensive Macbook Pro, a cold case is milled, creates a lightweight and robust housing. This is also a very high-quality impression. 1, 25kg, the device is also very easy. A positive side effect: Aluminum is comparatively good thermal properties, so ASUS dispensed completely with this system on a fan. Only the 1.8 remains so ″ hard disk as a noise source left. Accordingly, the Nokia booklet will be very quiet – with a SSD hard drive installing the NetBook would be silent.

Release date and price

The Nokia NetBook to the end of October or Appear in early November 2009. The price to amounting to around 700,-€, reduced but of course through a mobile phone contract could be. You can find appropriate contracts of course at bridgat.