NVIDIA ION: The new graphics processor for Netbooks

Brings a new graphics processor for Netbooks on the market, which atom to the page should be the Intel NVIDIA. Systems that have installed the NVIDIA ION, to work up to 10 x faster according to NVIDIA, similar systems without the new graphics processor. Also to control ION DirectX10 and prepare the Netbooks for the Aero theme Windows Vista and on Windows 7 published October 22, 2009.

Who wanted to enjoy computer games in a good look, was best placed on the desktop. Here you can configure systems nowadays for little money, which you can use to play all current games in high resolution liquid. All in the notebook, this is problematic because here not only the space for hardware is limited, there is too much heat through the tightly jammed hardware. Also whatever the power consumption in mind must be kept by the manufacturers to save battery life at least reasonably.

NVIDIA has now ventured one interesting step and ventured to the gaming to the even smaller Netbooks: the new graphic chip NVIDIA ION will allow this. In itself the same problems exist, such as in the larger notebooks, here merely that is overall much less space available. Accordingly, it is clear that it is solution for the NVIDIA ION no high-end gaming, but rather a compromise to bring together gaming and the portability of the Netbooks.

Gaming – promising performance

As already mentioned, the ION graphics chip of course still not with expensive video cards for desktop computer is similar. On the other hand, the displays of Netbooks are fairly small, so that here the (currently mostly 1024 × 600) resolution requirements are already lower than those of fixed computers. There are already some interesting videos on the net, showing that comparatively current games can at least run. In the following example the settings were unfortunately not optimally chosen (6 x anti-aliasing is grossly exaggerated and eats a lot of computing power) – but you can get an idea of what could be optimally adjusted to a NVIDIA ION.

Of course much advertising strategy is behind it, if NVIDIA to the new graphics processor thinks he bar “ premium DirectX 10 graphics display ”. The chip can pose though, this, but since also really use only current title of this DirectX 10 graphic effects cannot be here with a liquid presentation. Also these games also often an option keep open, turn off these effects. You should take this to heart!
Who look at computer games do not necessarily emphasizes on the full package or occasionally even wants to play an older title, is with the NVIDIA ION. Elaborate games the NVIDIA is can not represent with data-heavy effects ION.

HD videos – liquid up to 1080 p and output via HDMI

NVIDIA advertises with the playback of HD footage (up to 1080 p, so full HD resolution). In the direct test the Samsung N510 could play smoothly HD movies as the MKV container up to 1080 p. But always the use of appropriate software to play with suitable codecs is provided. To play the same image quality as AVI directly was, however, not liquid possible. I’m sure, that can be rectified there via software.
Particularly positive for high-quality playback in the weight that new NetBook with the ION chipset will also usually have an HDMI output, so that the footage directly on the native high-definition televisions can be reproduced here. The qualified new Netbooks with NVIDIA ION chipset especially for home to act as a Media-Center.

Here a video of Samsung N510-users, this impressive shows what is possible via the HDMI connection and the playback of HD footage. By the way, even the audio portion via HDMI is transferred directly.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

performance in Windows is in principle rather from the main CPU depending on than from the graphics card. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have an interface that takes into account also the graphic chip and conjures up such a chic exterior to the surface with the Aero design however. The computing power that is required for this purpose, although manageable, so far it was not recommended to activate these features with a NetBook. The working speed in Windows suffers considerably under the effects. This should now be over with the NVIDIA ION. Was shown in a small presentation by NVIDIA already, that wonderful with Windows 7 running ION and multitasking support the processor via CUDA.

Devices with the graphics chip ION

in many devices, the ION will be installed not only in Netbooks. Also the small Nettops and Media Center systems are published with the new NVIDIA graphics chip. We recommend in particular the Samsung N510, which is available at bridgat. This impresses with good processing, a battery life up to 6 hours and superior performance.

More Netbooks and other devices to access the mobile Internet will find naturally also at bridgat in our category “ mobile Internet “.