O2 Genion Flatrate for €10 fee per month

Offers the provider Talkline/Debitel/MobilCom on bridgat.com now that valid o2 Genion L flat rate for only 10 euros monthly fee instead of regular 20 euros until June 15, 2009. The discount of 50% could be achieved by good negotiations with the provider O2.

The mobile phone tariff Genion L offers free calls to German landlines and o2. There are even simple mobile phones free or is a cash payment of 120 euros if you dispensed with on the phone. Then the contract by the payment calculated even only 5 euros monthly fee!

Great is that you can book a flat to even the takeaways for the Genion Mobile contract. This option allows for only €9,95 monthly fee the free surfing from the mobile phone.

A connection fee does not apply, by the way tariff for the Genion at bridgat.com in May and June 2009.

Another advantage is that the minutes to third-party networks cost not 0.29 euros as at the current Genion tariffs from o2 but at this rate, only cheap 0.19 euro costs the foreign power minute.

Last but not least the provider Talkline grabs even 250 NET internal free SMS in the first month top.