O2 opens its network for VOIP applications

A courageous step of the network operators O2 dares: from mid-August applications such as Skype, which allow voice-over IP telephony, are possible in the O2 network. Requirement is only one of the current Internet packs of O2 and the appropriate software, to take advantage of VOIP. The terms and conditions have been changed in this Hisicht and to allow for the use of Internet telephony software on the phone.

, The operator so far saw danger in overloading the networks with the Internet telephony and of course sacrificing the business with the normal telephone conversation. This is however unfounded, that many flat rates offered and also Skype for normal telephony is not in vain. Thus, the competition to the normal phone calls is not necessarily given.

Other companies have not ventured so far this step: T-Mobile and Vodafone provide only a special data option for Internet telephony, which will cost an additional fee and is not about the normal data plans.

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