Opera Mobile 10 (beta) – Symbian surfing revolution

How often do you already jealous to the iPhone users over there squinting, who otherwise know nothing as quick page set up and liquid scrolling on large Web pages? As a Symbian user was here previously at a disadvantage, because the built-in browser in devices such as the Nokia N97 and Samsung I8910 Omnia HD were overall not so strong. Here and there it has writhing and the page design was also mostly more resistant than liquid. This is now with the new browser Opera Mobile 10 change!

Opera Mobile 10 (beta)
First of all a brief explanation to the word “ beta ”. So programs are known, which are still not located in the final stages of development and made users to test available. Typically, the Opera browser are already very far when they reach beta status and differ very little from the final versions. So does the latest version of Opera Mobile (formerly Opera Mini) also: as a completely finished product.

New features and impressions
Mobile not has many new features of Opera. Already versions of the mini, which were created by Opera not in particular for Symbian, had to open the possibility of tabs and different mobile also optically only insignificantly from the new Opera 10.
The biggest difference from the old to the new version is the deployment of the program as a .sis installer that allows a significant better working speed of the browser. Symbian optimization works on the Samsung I8910 Omnia HD the browser very liquid and can be operated quickly. Also the page structure and the operation itself mini works significantly better than with any final version of the old opera in the beta version. Browsing with multiple tabs works perfectly. See yourself at, how liquid runs the new Opera Mobile on your Symbian mobile phone: Opera Mobile 10 beta download. Only Downer continues to be the lack of Flash support. This does not offer the iPhone as well. For this you must then continue to rely on the built-in browser of your Symbian Smartphone.

Symbian cell phone models

Current and recommended Symbian smartphone models are numerous represented at bridgat. So, for example Sony Ericsson with the Satio has released a top unit with 12 mega pixel mobile phone camera. By Samsung is probably currently the most comprehensive equipped smartphone: Samsung I8910 Omnia HD with 8 mega pixel camera3, 7 ″ OLED display, HD video recording and playback. Still Nokia is to mention top models with a QWERTY keyboard with the current Symbian: Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 mini. Nokia in particular is very involved in the extension of firmwares existing Symbian and the optimization. We offer for that of course the appropriate rates for a carefree surfing experience!