Oppo N1: Android CyanogenMod Smartphone

OPPO has unveiled its Smartphone N1 – with its new feature, it is probably just as innovative as the Apple iPhone 5S. It offers hardware that power lies with the HTC one at an altitude (600, quad-core Snapdragon processor) with a high quality finish. OPPO used a rotating 13 mega pixel camera, the back is touch-sensitive and software-Android with CyanogenMod will be applied.

The OPPO N1 presented today has a 5.9 ″ display with ful-HD resolution, a Snapdragon 600 (4 x 1.7 GHz) and 2 gb memory. As internal memory, 16 gb or 32 gb are available. Another highlight under the hood is the 3610 mAh large battery that should provide very good uptime. The OPPO N1 with 9 mm is not really thin (Huawei Ascend P6 as class: 6, 18 mm) and its weight is 213 g (for comparison: Samsung Galaxy touch 3 168 grams). OPPO N1 is the perhaps the most innovative Smartphone on the market together with the Apple iPhone 5S.


OPPO is a typical Chinese manufacturer, but the OPPO N1 didn’t apply polycarbonate to its products. Instead, there is an edgy metal frame to the device, which is made particularly resistant lasting polishing procedures according to the OPPO in an intricate 20 days. Sounds cryptic, I think it is a soft-touch of kind of surface such as older HTC models.


What I like personally very well is the narrow rim of the large display: thanks to the narrow frame on the left and right of the display the smartphone is not overly broad (dimensions: 170.7 x 82.6 x 9mm). Almost reminded of the LG G2, which can also score in this category. Also the integration of the camera to be operated with special effort. So the turning mechanism was worked out so high quality that it is designed to withstand 100,000 rotations. Overall the OPPO N1 does not really like a “ Chinaphone ”, we surprise us.

Hardware and equipment

The hardware of the OPPO N1 is not quite up to date and can not keep in benchmarks with a LG G2 or the Sony Xperia Z1, but the built-up Snapdragon 600 provides a still excellent service thanks to 4 x 1.7 GHz clocking. There is no doubt that Android will tack run 2 gb memory with this hardware in combination. Also the 5.9 ″ display with full HD and high pixel density of 377 DPI is more than competitive. Bluetooth 4.0, A-GPS, HSPA + and Wi-Fi (5 GHz) the OPPO N1 are installed with, you have to forgo LTE but apparently – this should be probably bearable.

The memory with either 16 gb or 32 gb can be incidentally. The micro-SD card can be expanded and won’t swap the battery.

The OPPO N1 doesn’t care the fast hardware basically. Instead of dueling with other manufacturers in terms of speed, the innovative technology of the year in an Android Smartphone is the OPPO N1. In addition, all manufacturers are focusing on the 800 Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset (LG G2, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Samsung Galaxy touch 3) and speed differences can hardly make out during everyday operation.


Much more interesting is the innovative rotating camera of the OPPO N1. It allows a rotation 206° angle and locks in any position. I.e. the OPPO N1 allows not only creative photography with a smartphone at crazy angles, but also features the best front camera for video telephony – finally is the 13 megapixel camera (1/3.06 ″ sensor) on a high level, also thanks to the aperture of f/2.0. No other front camera can keep up with it, which offer otherwise only up to 3 mega pixels and a modest technology. The camera is supported by a dual-LED Flash, which is as usual just positioned at the back. Instead installed OPPO the N1 at the back one “ normal ” LED Flash, whereas is affixed to the front LED Licht with softer light for more natural portrait photos.


The OPPO N1 is a pretty big smartphone, the manufacturer here installed a touch-sensitive back, with one screen can operate conveniently the from behind. The so-called “ O touch ” panel sounds interesting, must prove themselves but of course in everyday life still. It seems, as if the producers were now ready to move the controls backwards at ever smaller enclosures and larger displays. LG already has moved all buttons in the LG G2 back.

The enclosed is as well as interesting “ O click ” gadget: what looks like a shopping cart chip in noble design contains a Bluetooth chip and a transmitter. With this you can remotely control the camera of the OPPO N1 (remote). You can also set an alarm sound which you can trigger with a push of a button. You should even lose his OPPO N1 in the surrounding area of maximum 50 meters.