Pabobo Super Nomade Night Light

I had already written an article on this night light when we had received it (right here)… but baby Hummingbird was still warm in my belly. This time, I’ll talk about after 3 months and a half of daily use and enough experience to give an objective opinion.

Pabobo Super Nomade Night Light

I’m quite happy with my choice, it fully meets my expectations and it has even become an indispensable everyday. Compact and lightweight, it does not place in the bag changing departure on holiday. Its 200 hours of battery life are very useful and I must admit that in 3 months and a half of use… I had putting it on charge 3 times only! Small USB cable it also is handy… even if the length could be a bit longer… matter of practice.

It is useful (essential even) for night feedings because it allows me to see the time, catching baby… put to the breast properly and put to bed… all without turning on the light. And it illuminates well enough to see something… the evidence:

She saved me more than once, helping me to find the lost pacifier baby Hummingbird in the middle of the night (when the phosphorescent nipple?) or when Don decided to be the trunk…

The small button at the back allows to turn it off simply supported seconds and a backlit display allows you to view the remaining charge. You can also choose between two light intensities (although I don’t know the difference). Personally I turn it off when baby is asleep because there no need of point of light to sleep peacefully (you must also admit that it’s without flaps and is not black 100%).

But when baby Hummingbird was his phase of nocturnal anxieties, he fell asleep with… and a good point is that it does not heat, baby can therefore keep it against him…

In short, I recommend it especially to mothers who are breast-feeding and who must get up every 2 or 3 hours to give breast… is so much nicer than to turn on the bedside lamp and the light is sufficient (your husband will thank you).

It is ideal in addition to a night of music with projected light (because it is not animated and is not made for baby to sleep). It’s “Ms. Tortue” who is responsible for sleep baby (I’ll introduce here)… and the Super Nomad at Pabobo accompanying us until the morning (if if I do the mourning of the greasy pole ‘)…

Detailed article on the night-light with photographs of day: is Josephnightlights!