Sound & smoke? Presentation of the HTC desire HD in September

Has to HTC so thought: only the Group publishes a mysterious invitation to the press, then all should worry what now insane is presented. The Photoshop connoisseurs under the Handybloggern have now changed the invitations by contrast changes and visualized as the HTC desire HD which was previously only very slightly hinted at in a cloud of smoke. We reveal here, what to expect on September 15 at the press conference the journalists.



HTC desire HD – flat Android all-rounder

has made the Android blog thenextweb search and edited the image with Photoshop. Everything indicates that the idea will actually apply the HTC desire HD, as can be seen reasonably well on the screen. The HTC desire HD is an Android Smartphone based on the hardware of the HTC desire. Only the housing has been revised heavily and seems to be now much flatter. Also the camera has 8 Megapixels and can record HD video. The Smartphone to run with Android 2.2 and is probably against at the end of the year to project a. We reported already in detail about the HTC desire HD, which is known also as HTC ACE. The alternative HTC desire (no HD) is still recommended and one of the most popular phones of this year!

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Haircuts Guides for Round Face

Haircuts for round face should do see less volume in the contours of the face and reduce the appearance of roundness, creating the illusion of a longer face. Continue reading

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HTC spark – Windows phone 7 Smartphone with desire technology?

In a Chinese forum a data sheet showed up, where as the operating system, Windows phone 7 is specified. The data not only resemble the HTC desire, but are identical to 100%. Hot new HTC Smartphone with the Microsoft operating system Windows phone 7 HTC will spark. A Smartphone by the quality of a HTC desire with the new Microsoft operating system? Sounds promising!

HTC desire technology …. in the desire housing?

At HTC we know only the data sheet – without saying with certainty that it is not fake. At least the data is realistic and is likely also a release a device with Windows phone 7, because the desire meets all minimum requirements that Microsoft provides on mobile phones with the new operating system. Whether the HTC spark then ultimately also looks like the HTC desire? That is more than questionable, because the Android typical key layout does not fit with Windows phone 7. Windows phone 7 Developer mobile provided three buttons: the home button, a back button and a button for the search function. Technically some modifications should exist probably also marketing, what’s the look, finally, it would be rather confusing to have two phones with the same appearance, but different name and operating system on sale.

Soft – and hardware

Microsoft had a long lead time until the release of the new operating system and could learn from the mistakes of the competition. Accordingly has the software giant raised the mobile hardware requirements fairly, ensuring a consistently liquid operating and minimise a scattering of version, as it is often the case with Android. The manufacturers supply often only brief support for the devices, so that many still using version 1.6 work even though Android 2.2 is now up-to-date. Otherwise, Windows phone 7 now makes a good impression by a unique look with big letters and organically built menus. Icons? There’s no. Also Microsoft is working with high pressure on the further development of the surface and play, so that in the fall, maybe a small revolution in the market of smartphones is waiting for us. The hardware is known from the HTC desire and need not hide from competition: with a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 512 mb RAM, 3.7 ″ AMOLED display (probably at the HTC spark Super-LCD) with high resolution (800 × 480 pixels) and 8 gb memory enough the Smartphone also for high demands. Wi-Fi, A-GPS, Bluetooth and HSDPA has the Smartphone of course also on board. As for the desire has also the spark a 5 mega pixel camera – HD video support is uncertain at this point, but quite possible.

Availability and price

That is not from Windows phone 7 HTC spark appear so much should be clear. Microsoft has announced the operating system with first mobile phones, which also the HTC spark could include, at the end of the year. Then should the HTC spark price range in the high end and the operating system to shake the market. We report all developments of the new Microsoft operating system in the bridgat blog of course continue.


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Weekend to Become Beautiful

Our appointment with Trends & Style with beauty tips from our image maker Frank Larsen.

Treat yourself to a weekend dedicated to your beauty. Take advantage of the arrival of the first cold, comfortably in your home, take special care all for you: a little relaxation, the right products and snuggle. These are the ingredients that need to be born again and face the week comes on top form and better than ever. Continue reading

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iPhone security gap closed – with and without jailbreak

Currently you need no matter whether 3 G, 3 G S and iPhone 4, a bit worried about the Smartphone when opening PDF files with your iPhone, because a security gap opened the door to the file system malicious programs of any kind. This can have bad consequences have, e.g. for damage to the software, data in the hands of third parties, or even damage to the iPhone. So far you could help Warner is only via PDF loading, which, however, does not close the gap, but displays only a warning, if you want to open a PDF. An update has both Apple and the jailbreak community now ready to fill the security gap.

Update from Apple: iOS 4.0.2

Apple has now discovered the security hole and closed with the update to iOS 4.0.2. This can be easily downloaded via iTunes and installed, with the update but the complete firmware is updated. I.e., this security gap that a jailbreak then is no longer possible, because as we have reported, the jailbreak exploit. When the jailbreak is again possible, is not clear. Downgrade of the firmware, should you accidentally have performed an update, is possible only with difficulty.

Jailbreak and closed security hole

Jailbreak the PDF loading was delivered with Warner, to warn any PDF access. Well, there’s the opportunity to close the security hole with a patch with jailbreak. The best: In contrast to the complete update is this not a firmware update and installed jailbreak remains. Another benefit: the security gap since version 3.1.2, so that even the older generation Apple iPhone 3 G is affected. Unfortunately the current software installation is not recommended, iOS 4 on the 3 G so that the update to 4.0.2 is not recommended – why, can you read in our blog. Closing the critical PDF vulnerability is possible with an iPhone 3 G with installed jailbreak.

How to do the update with jailbreak?

The update with a mobile phone with jailbreak goes on all iPhone models easily and easily by hand. Simply open Cydia and search for “ PDF patch ”. You must install the program by Jay Freeman then just as usual and after a reboot of the Smartphone, the gap is closed. It couldn’t be simpler!

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Windsor Chairs: Vintage Decor

Although by design they can be typically American, Windsor chairs emerged in England in the 18th century and will history for being one of the first chairs that were produced in the series since its inception, peeping the industrial revolution that was in the making. They Windsor chairs have a very special characteristic and its support is independent legs, something not common in chairs of the time. Continue reading

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Motorola milestone 2: The mile stone enters the second round

The Motorola milestone is the most successful smartphone with full keyboard last year and did especially in the United States, big waves. Under the name “ droid 2 ″ is now the Motorola milestone 2 in the starting blocks. As of today it can already with the American operator Verizon at a price of $199 plus a contract with 24-month minimum term available for pre-order. On the outside not much has happened at the milestone successor. Some small changes have been made in detail, but honestly: that was actually hardly necessary, right? The milestone is probably already the most elegant representatives of smartphones with QWERTY keyboard.

Optics update for the Motorola milestone 2

At the Motorola milestone successor there, as already mentioned, only a few small innovations: hardly any differences be seen only NAV keys has been omitted, so that there is now more room for buttons on the housing. Look yourself. The following image shows the Motorola milestone, left and right, the Motorola milestone 2.


Technical innovations

much more important at the milestone successor: the technology has been revised. The already quite fleet was 550 MHz OMAP processor through a 1000 MHz replaced model and increases the memory of 256mb to 512 mb. In conjunction with the version 2.2 of the Android operating system this should provide a very snappy and fluid operation, as compared to Android 2.1, the speed has been significantly increased. Otherwise, there is of course the features that brings the new version of the operating system: so you can install card (internally the milestone has 2 but ohnehion 8 gb) apps as well on a SD and mobile can be used as a portable Wi-Fi router, so that you can surf on the go with multiple devices via HSDPA on the Internet. You can also present themselves Flash in the browser. The camera offers no new features at least as regards the mega pixels. Also the good at the previous display with 3.7 ″ diagonal and a high resolution of 854 × 480 pixels was not changed.

Availability and price

In the United States the Smartphone is available to pre-order today and will then probably also available. It is anticipated that the milestone will be to have 2 dan in the not-too-distant future in Europe. Currently, but still no release date is known. It may be however at the latest available 7 phone to the release of Windows in the autumn, to match wits with the new competition. Price iPhone 4 reach the milestone 2 not sure on this, but are not cheaper than the Samsung I9000 Galaxy or comparable high end smartphones. We hold regarding the new smartphone of course posted in the bridgat blog! Currently, the Motorola milestone XT720 is available that is available but only without a full keyboard. The nearly identical Motorola milestone, also an update to Android 2.2 has received in the meantime, is still available.


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The Lady Blog at the Inhorgenta in Munich

On the weekend I was once again able to pay a visit to the beautiful Bavarian capital.The Inhorgenta – one of the largest European jewelery fairs – had invited.Together with some other bloggers, I went on an exhibition space with more than 70,000 square meters in search of the most beautiful and elegant jewelery trends. Continue reading

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HTC desire successor: desire HD / ACE [with video!]

HTC desire yet long not passé is and one of the top seller this summer next to the Apple iPhone 4 and the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. But it is the successor in the wings: we recently have reported that the HTC desire HD is now in the starting blocks. Now there’s even a video of the desire successor, now with the name “ ACE ” is traded. The Super-flat Smartphone seems to be, as has been suggested in the reporting but not entirely from aluminium.

HTC desire in a new guise

Have the HTC desire was quite convincing users: beautiful finish in a flat housing with Google Android as the operating system and only small errors in detail make the HTC Smartphone really attractive. We have discussed, by the way the HTC desire in a test. The HTC desire HD / ACE has to offer than its predecessor, but it’s really not bad in this case hardware no longer: 1 GHz processor, 512 mb of memory and a powerful graphics unit ensures a fast working speed. Here the Android operating system is scheduled now from the outset 2.2, so for the HTC desire HD applications can be installed directly on a micro SD card and can exploit the full memory. One of the biggest changes involves the display: with 4.3 ″ the HTC desire HD / ACE is as big as the HTC HD2. Also the probably 800 × 480 pixel resolution can be seen. It is that HTC here installed the new Super-LCD technology due to the delivery of display problems by Samsung. These can keep up not quite with AMOLED, but offer a very good quality compared to the normal LCD. The built-in camera was also drilled: 8 Megapixels compared to 5 has to offer the HTC desire HD and also a HD video function. Videos can be recorded with this in the format of 1280 × 720 pixels. HTC uses an extravagant mixture of lots of aluminum and plastic on the back in the design. The very flat Smartphone can be quite, as shown in the following video.

Worth the wait?

In principle the HTC desire offers all functions that the HTC desire HD / ACE. Even HD video was or update comes after (the network operators the update pending) with the firmware. In addition, also the HTC desire offers an impeccable processing and the hardware is the same. Also, still an AMOLED display for use, that has certain advantages over the new Super-LCD comes with the HTC desire. It acts as a whole not quite as elegant as the HTC desire HD and with 3.7 ″ a smaller display, which can be of course but also an advantage. If you want more power, not passes currently on the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S. With a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor, 512mb memory, and a 4.0 ″ Super AMOLED display is currently the technical highlight of the Android smartphones. We have already tested also this Smartphone and even with the twice as expensive compared iPhone 4.


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Glamourum Box February

This month, the box of Glamourum has come up with a little bit of delay and is since this month they become JolieBox. Therefore, now we will not receive the box “to the Spanish” but “à la française”. Do new bring will this change? Then we will know very soon the next installment is just around the corner.

Continue reading

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