Casual Zara: Lookbook of August and Progress of Trends of New Season

If not long ago I gave a preview of the collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 Zara, we now go back a little in time, or at least the stations, and show you the August Zara casual collection Lookbook. The same will think that it is too late by as input that is the month, but the reason for making a post with these looks is none other but guess or guess who will be the trends We will see in the collection for autumn winter 2010 / 2011. Continue reading

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Mobile market on the rise: winners and losers of the Smartphone trends

, Nokia is still the undisputed leader in the field of mobile phones and Smartphones, but a trend for the future: while Samsung reaps huge gains and increased its market share in noticeable way from 18.9 to 21.6 per cent compared to the previous year, which fell by 38.4% to 36.6% from Nokia. Sony Ericsson is even threatened the top five of the largest mobile manufacturers worldwide to fall out, should not change the precarious situation.

The mobile market: total in the upward trend

the great depression has no economic sector cold left, not even the mobile phone market. But since no later than mid-2009 a trend we are exposed, which motivated many to buy maybe a new device. Main reason is the massive expansion of the product range in the field of smartphones, which are always more attractive universal devices and also to the “ lifestyle ” belong. Because these phones are just even the more expensive and also the Touchscnreen mobile sells good business, manufacturers in this area received quite a bit of turnover. As a whole the mobile market for these reasons is so exposed to a rise, which has a positive effect for the mobile phone manufacturers. At the same time with the trend of touch screen smartphones but also the relations of domination in the market seem to change: while the manufacturer with modern Smartphone all ahead of course win Google Android, more and more market share operating systems, it seems “ normal ” mobile to get more and more out of fashion.

Nokia weakens – why?

, Nokia is the world’s most famous mobile phone manufacturer that has to offer in every price range of phones with all the functions and features. Greenpeace acknowledged Nokia also, to be in manufacturing mobile phone, the company the overall most “ greenest ” acts and focuses on environmental and resource-saving products. With a market share of 36.6 percent, Nokia is still far from being written off. However, a loss of almost two percentage points is a bitter loss market share compared to the previous year, bearing in mind that the mobile phone market overall 2009 rather positive has developed since the same period. Causes can be found of course many, some are certainly outside of elusive realization. But: Nokia has to fight first and foremost in the field of smartphones with the competition. Windows Mobile, iPhone and above all, Android, Nokia are strong competition, ’ s makes it difficult to create Symbian operating system. The losers under the Smartphone is Symbian currently operating systems, because it seems simply out of date. Nevertheless, the Nokia smartphones are widely recommended: the Nokia N97 was one of the best seller for us, although my personal highlight is rather the Nokia N97 mini. This combines all the features of the large N97 in a compact housing in principle. Above all, Nokia scores but in terms of the cheap mobile phone. Outstanding examples are here like the Nokia 5530 (with touch screen), Nokia 6700 classic, and last, above all, the Nokia X 2 for under 100,-€

Top dog in the business: Samsung

Samsung has run not only in the field of the Mobile Division sensational gains. Total sales could be increased compared to 2009 by 21 percent. The sales in the mobile phone division increased at least 8 percent. Above all, this is due to the sale of high-priced equipment. Samsung comes exactly there, where Nokia weakens its own. In terms of hardware, Samsung can supply often top devices, in particular by improving the display with AMOLED technology. Recently Samsung dabbles with the own Bada operating systems in the future, to secure bases for the further advancement of their own. This could also succeed in Android and iPhone OS given the similarity to the very popular as widely used operating systems, inasmuch as the app support and the General ease of use is consistent. Highlights of Samsung in the mobile market are currently still the I8910 Omnia HD, S8000 Jet and for perfect photos on the Samsung Pixon 12. But the coming models with the new Super AMOLED displays and strapping hardware are particularly interesting: Samsung S8500 Jet and Galaxy S.

Stagnation: LG remains top 3

LG retains a market share of 9.2 percent. Although LG with the LG BL40 has brought innovative ideas in the market, a large part of the business is conventional mobile phones so LG trend can not fully benefit from the Smartphone. In addition, the competition is strong and LG has set S-class yet on its own operating system, which no longer can keep up with the constantly rising quality of Android. LG right a total willingness to deliver innovation and good build quality, technically, the competition provides mostly something more – especially for the operating system. Brave LG is attempting to establish a Smartphone to watch (so-called watch phone) in the European markets. What already almost everyday in Asia, is here almost unthinkable. Also in the bridgat shop we have the LG watch phone GD910.

On the decline: Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson’s sales has fallen by nearly 30 percent. That certainly is a big setback for the company, at the same time it also shows what is already aware: Although Sony Ericsson builds visually as well high-quality devices, but have less to offer always busier than the competition just the Smartphone from Sony Ericsson for the offered price. In addition, the high-priced range is sparsely populated with new models and unfortunately sometimes even onto Symbian, which is now almost unanimously considered to be obsolete. However, is an HD-capable, such as with the Sony Ericsson Vivaz innovative Smartphone with small dimensions has been published. Sony Ericsson bears but also developments in the mobile market with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 bills. Here is Google Android and Sony Ericsson has bought the X 10, Timescape and Mediascape. Two interesting services with which it is now possible to view local content and Internet content on mobile phones in each a doorway.

Shooting Stars on the mobile phone market: RIM and Apple

Even before Sony Ericsson within the top five of the mobile phone manufacturer, RIM could place themselves that have made a name with their BlackBerry smartphones, which stands for the business phone ever. The development is also not surprising: RIM is among the emerging companies for a long time. Due to the concentration on high-priced smartphones in the business area could place RIM with the BlackBerry smartphones even before Sony Ericsson, although Sony Ericsson rather appeals to a broad mass with his mobile phones and Smartphones. This speaks again of the Smartphone trend: RIM can place cope well with his models and plays an important role especially in the business segment, and can place well with 3.6 percent of the market. Are current recommended RIM Smartphones such as the BlackBerry storm 2 9520 or even the BlackBerry 8900 curve.
Auch Apple’s fine for how much and the company is currently among the especially fast-growing. This may be currently but above all iPad to write to Apple, we were able to test already in detail for you. But the iPhone is still one of the most successful smartphones. This is due first and foremost to Apple’s restrictive distribution strategy: it is difficult for example in Germany without agreement on an iPhone (when bridgat there iPhones from the EU). Without a contract, as well as with the Apple smartphones are also still so expensive that the special status of the iPhone is maintained. Apple ’ s remains so still so small market share that the manufacturer is not in the top five worldwide shows up. This could change but fundamentally with the trend towards the touch screen cell phone, if the devices are getting cheaper and at the same time mass-compatible. Of course we have at bridgat Apple products on sale: iPhone 3 G and iPhone 3 G S, and of course the Apple iPad.

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Catching up: Already 50,000 apps in the Google market

As we have also been extensively reported, as we the issue “ what are apps? ” gone to the bottom is probably the driving force Apple, when it comes to applications for mobile phones. Outstanding position in the app market hasn’t changed though with the appearance of the Android OS, but Android catching up! In comparison, Apple has something more than 200,000 apps in its app store on sale. The 2008 first published operating system Android today already 50,000 with a striking upward trend.

Chase: now 50,000 apps

You can say

almost exponential growth the Google market. Per month (in April, there were 9000 new applications) the Appstore for Android smartphones will probably become in future to 10,000 applications – strong and rising. As the graph shows, this is a trend that should not be underestimated. It is not unlikely that Google can close up in a not-too-distant time the Apple’s competitors in these growth figures and pay of 200,000 apps can offer. Currently, about 60% of the offered applications for Android smartphones are free of charge. Only 25% of the available applications are currently free from Apple.

Current Smartphone with Android

Of course, the success of the Google market has also reasons that are quite apart from the actual operating system. The Smartphones with Android are very attractive to a large extent and provide basically almost the same benefits as the iPhones from Apple. While the Android smartphones are but hardware actually consistently more potent than Apple’s Vorzeigesmartphone: with powerful cameras, OLED displays or some much better hardware can the models right there accents, where the breath goes out the Apple phone.

Motorola milestone: the QWERTZ-King

Who want a full keyboard in seinesm mobile and sympathises with the Android operating system, which is definitely understandable for the currently barely a route on the Motorola milestone passes. Meanwhile the powerful runs, very flat but some heavy cell phone (165 g) in the current version of Android 2.1 and offers everything you would expect from a top current Smartphone actually. In addition to the lavish high resolution (854 × 480 pixels) display with a diagonal of 3.7 ″ the Motorola milestone has even HSDPA, Wi-Fi, A-GPS and a 5 megapixel camera. The slimmest slider with full QWERTY keyboard makes good in every way.

HTC legend: noble ALU all-rounder

The HTC legend is already before you turned it, because it is simply very well in hand. This is because that the Android Smartphone is made entirely of aluminium. It’s to connect balanced hardware differently than at the technical highlight HTC desire, not the best and fastest technology on the market, but about a class design. There’s no shaky parts or a battery cover – the HTC legend is milled from a single block of aluminum. But also the hardware doesn’t need to hide: 600 MHz processor and 384mb of RAM is not the class it safe, but this performance is also still more than sufficient. The OLED display with a diagonal of 3.2 ″ makes her a lot. As well as HSDPA, Wi-Fi, A-GPS and the capacitive and thus very sensitive touch screen. The 5 megapixel camera is more than sufficient for snapshots.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10: stylish and powerful

Clear that even Sony Ericsson takes the chance to throw an Android Smartphone on the market. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 is the result of this work, and it has quite a few advantages. In addition to the powerful hardware with a 1000 MHz processor it offers an 8 mega pixel camera which provides for a razor sharp photos. In addition, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 provides an interface developed by Sony Ericsson extra running on Android based. Hereby, for the first time, a full synchronization from Internet contacts with local contacts (Timescape) and Internet media and local media is possible. In addition, the Xperia X 10 does even the bite from, available in trendy white, but also in black.

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Nokia X 2 – cheap music phone under 100, €

Nokia makes at the moment above all in the low budget area a name. There, the Nokia X 2 is no exception. The entry-level phone, which is intended to replace the Mp3 player in particular, lightweight 81 grams, looks chic and costs less than €100. Sounds good? We will show you what else can the Nokia X 2!

Mp3 player replacement Nokia X 2

If you have the Nokia X 2 in your pocket, no Mp3 player needs. Because the very light with only 81 g mobile brings not only a 3, 5 mm standard headphone, but it can be used with a Bluetooth headphone. The internal memory is then just so small that it is not suitable for a music collection, but per you can micro-SD card up to 16 gb of music on the phone. For the mobile music enjoyment, lacks nothing! Even stereo speakers are installed, so to have viable sound with the Nokia X 2 even without headphones. With the buttons on the left side of the Nokia X 2 can be quickly and conveniently on basic functions like “ loud ” and “ quiet ” draw. With connected headphones you can hear also FM radio with the Nokia if the music on the memory card should be boring but at some point.

Technical data and functions

A cell phone under 100,-€ (currently stand 85,-€ in the room) with a 5 mega pixel camera? At first this sounds unlikely, but Nokia really has a camera in the X 2 posted 5 megapixels and even an LED Flash treats the small Symbian mobile. Expect miracles you can’t do it in low light conditions, but usually also not much different is brand beyond the €500 with Smartphones. For this, so Nokia has earned praise! Otherwise, there are 2 good standard fare, the Nokia x what it should be but also not surprising at this price. Of course, the display is not a touch screen and the mobile phone is equipped with a standard numerical keypad. Also the size of 2.2 ″ is standard. However, highlights is the integration of Bluetooth 2.1 and the connection with various Nokia applications, such as access to the OVI store, Nokia messaging, and a Facebook application.

Availability and price

So far, the Nokia X 2 only in India has seen the light of day. But too long the dough one phone will no longer wait on themselves. At the time, a price is predicted from 85,-€ before tax by Nokia. We can gladly inform you as soon as the Nokia X 2 with us is available. To do this simply click on the article page of the Nokia X 2, and then click “ notification when available ”. Once the cell phone is reachable, then by us free of charge and non-binding an email reminder get!

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LG GD510 pop – noble touch screen cell phone at an affordable price

Until we have reported just the Nokia X 2, which although has no touchscreen, but nevertheless with chic design and at least one advertises 5 mega pixel camera on board to win the favor of customers and will cost under 100,-€. The LG GD510 pop is indeed insufficient then also only just over €100 will cost. Since the filigree crafted aluminum noticed straight away housing, already almost as class comes across as at the high-end Smartphone HTC legend. A touch screen has the LG GD510 pop even ….

Compact like a credit card and a cast

With very compact dimensions, the LG GD510 pop is not much bigger than a credit card, and the LG GD510 in each makes a weight of around 90 g oh so small pocket always is still a good figure. While it looks much more expensive than it is actually. So much metal on a such convenient touchscreen is unusual and striking immediately as soon as you take the LG GD510 pop in the hand. The angular shapes in combination with the-order processing, in which nothing can rattle or knarzen, make the LG GD510 a small design study. This is a performance, under 100,-€ in itself but has the LG GD510 pop is still more to offer, this is clear as a mere appearance, as a look at the technical details.

Technical data and equipment

A gigahertz processor, massive memory, huge Super-AMOLED display and a Smartphone operating system … all this has of course pop LG GD510 not. But we talk here of a mobile phone with a price of just over 100,-€ and the aforementioned facilities will probably only be available in a few years at this price. It’s been amazing that LG is a 3 ″ touch screen has obstructed, which resolves with 240 × 400 pixels. This is as expected mechanically (resistive), and not quite as smooth as the current top models. The 3.2 megapixel camera of LG GD510 pop comes out without autofocus and has to offer also a Flash. For snapshots in good light conditions, it is sufficient for more but also not. The interface of the LG GD510 is oriented in the S-class, but must cope due to the rather weak hardware with some sections. LG calls the interface of the LG GD510 therefore to define A class. The built-in GPRS connection for browsing by mobile phone is outdated and realistically only suited for small detour on extra pages customized for mobile phones. Otherwise, it may take time over a minute until a page is loaded. But also the slow Internet connection should be enough for E-mail, Twitter and Facebook.

Conclusion, availability and price

The LG GD510 pop can convince

with a such harmonious exterior with much metal. Less convincing can the technical equipment of the LG phones, but it’s not that in this price range usually anyway. Pop we offer the LG GD510 at bridgat while not under 100,-€, but for nearly 120,-€, you are already. Of course we can offer the phone in combination with a contract free.

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The MIUI ROM Comes to Catalan with The Community MIUIcat

Most likely, that among our readers is a good number of catalanoparlantes using the catalan language in your Android device. Many ROMs have respected the language, at least the most important ones such as the Cyanogen and Modaco, however was not in one of the most popular ROMs so far : MIUI. Continue reading

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HTC incredible: HTC desire will appear in a new guise!

HTC brings the successor of the HTC desire on the market. Although the unusually shaped back notice upon first inspection of cell phones, but the HTC incredible is a credit to his name, when it comes to the equipment. The mobile phone including his large AMOLED display and its fast speed of response characterized by.

Top facilities

According to the page by has cut off perfectly the HTC incredible in a test and that is no surprise in the facilities, which the mobile phone has! Already associated with the very well equipped mobile phones HTC desire now appears in a new shell. So you can see it at least virtually. Both phones are equally well equipped. The back is striking at the incredible however. This is smooth not like with other phones, but consists of several layers. The design should remember a race car the. Especially the reaction speed of the phones is reminiscent of the speed of a race car. The HTC incredible is equipped with the Google operating system Google Android 2.1, which is running with a 1GHz-Snapdragon-Prozessor by Qualcomm. Furthermore, the HTC incredible also convinces by its AMOLED display. This has a size of 3.7 inches. Thus images or videos can be wonderfully look at, that have been recorded with the 8-megapixel camera is equipped with 2 LED flashes.  At the HTC desire, however, finds you only a 5-megapixel camera. Space allows the 8 GB internal memory which can be expanded to 32 GB with MicroSD cards. Wi-Fi and GPS on board are of course and also a compass is integrated to the perfect location determination. Of course, the mobile has the user interface HTC sense. How the Google nexus one is also available at the HTC incredible the practical voice search function.

Availability and price

So far, the HTC incredible in Germany on the market is still, however, there is news about the release date of the HTC phones: various sources report that the incredible soon in the United States under Verizon onto the market will come and in Germany it will come out also then in the near future. We can inform you as soon as the HTC incredible with us is available. to do this simply click on the article page of the HTC incredible, and then click “ notification when available ”. Once the cell phone is reachable, get free of charge and without obligation an email reminder from us! The price of the phone is so far still unknown.


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The mobile phone is the Mp3 player death

Use your phone already as an Mp3 player? Not? Purely statistically it might not be too long, will take up the “ Mp3 player ” the way of Walkman and discman and out of sight and above all ears disappears. The mobile phone as an Mp3 player is big on the rise. Now you need for it no longer a music phone or even a Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson, even the cheapest models now have Mp3 functionality and a 3, 5 mm headphone jack.

Europe against the United States: trends and their backgrounds

, Funnily enough are not fed before Europe the United States on the subject of music via mobile phone. While in European countries over 20 percent of cell phone owners with your mobile phone listen to music on the go, there are only a little more than 10 percent in the United States. This is because that other products in the United States and Europe were published. On the European market, such as the walkman series has provided primarily for an awareness of the fact, that you can listen to music on the phone with very good sound quality. This series was not released in this form in the United States and also the development and awareness of music phones in this area is lagging behind. Use of mobile phones in the amount of 30 per cent is Germany with 25.8 per cent use way, second in Europe behind Spain with a Mp3 player About any third party listens to music already with his cell phone and this is just the beginning of an inexorable trends.

Why the mobile phone of Mp3 player death is?

Smartphones can now actually everything except coffee to cook. Play music is on the gigahertz processors that Potter in the high end smartphones today, still the easiest tasks. Not so long ago, have the producers thought about but even that gigahertz of processing power is not everything and have sees fit, to Miss common standards the cell phones and Smartphones. Meanwhile, virtually all phones in every price range have a 3, 5 mm jack so you can connect any standard headphones and is no longer dependent on the proprietary headphone. In addition, now the micro-SD standard has established itself: I.e. There is now a standard for memory cards for mobile phones. Advantage: These cards have the greatest demand on the market and are therefore cheap. In addition to these technical advantages there are quite pragmatic considerations, so preferable to the Mp3 player is the mobile phone. They always brought the phone and you need no second device more in your pocket. In addition, you can play not only music on iPhone and co. Many mobile phones can play now even high-quality movies, Web content (E.g. YouTube videos), or wireless. Why do you need nowadays still an Mp3 player? We do not know ….


What mobile phones are particularly recommended as an Mp3 player?

If you put special emphasis on the Mp3 player function of the mobile phone, then you should look on following models, which we want to put you in the heart. If you have only average claims, actually every any current mobile phone should be sufficient, because (as mentioned already above) actually all mobile phones can play Mp3 files and have a 3, 5 mm jack. Here are our tips:

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What is jailbreak and unlock the Apple iPhone 3 G, 3 G S or iPod touch?

The boundedness of the Apple devices to the Appstore and partly limited functionality interferes with

many users of iPhone 3 G or 3 G S (and also the iPod touch). The solution is called “ jailbreak ”, which means so much on German as “ the chains blow up ” or literally “ break out of jail ”. We clarify in this article what makes a jailbreak, how to install a jailbreak and how this process is to qualify legally if there are for example problems with guarantee and warranty from Apple.

What does the jailbreak?

As indicated in the introduction: iPhone 3 G, 3 G S and iPod touch are provided by Apple with different restrictions. Often, the Smartphone as a device applies DAUs (short for: “ Dümmster Anzunehmeder user ”, more in wikipedia), i.e. expert functions are restricted to allow ease of use and to overburden the Apple Smartphone with confusing options. Without a jailbreak applications is only possible (short “ apps ”) to install, which can be obtained from the official Appstore von Apple. It follows: Apple decides what apps can be tolerated and therefore used. Third-party applications cannot be installed due to read / write restrictions. With a “ jailbroken ” iPhone 3 G or iPhone 3 G S is this possible, so even applications can be installed, do not come from the official Appstore. Most popular “ Appstore ”, which can be used only with jailbreak, Cydia. This is a program that is built similar to the Appstore, which is used to look at apps and install. Often, Cydia contains modifications that are not possible without jailbreak. So for example the application Cydget that allows programs on the lock to place the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch. Cydia provides first and foremost such programs that extend the functionality of the iPhone. There are even applications that “ gecrackte ” (i.e. software, where copy protection was removed) applications downloaded for free and installed. Such a program is for example “ Installous ”. Under criminal law as well as under private law this can have natural consequences, on which I want to go in unspecified at this point.

Like the jailbreak and the unlock works?

The iPhone 3 G or 3 G S out to liberate jail of restrictions, you need no special knowledge, but only a small software called “ Blackra1n ”, the iPhone automatically missed a jailbreak. This is fully automated with the help of a small .exe file. Then also the download sources for applications with the sonorous name are included in this program: Cydia, rock and sn0w. The jailbreak is in the way, to be distinguished from the unlock (to German “ open ”): this is also possible via the software Blackra1n. It is possible to circumvent the restrictions of an iPhone on certain mobile phone networks (in Germany T-Mobile), so other SIM cards can be used with the unlock.

A jailbreak or unlock is possible with which Apple products?

Currently, there’s the jailbreak for the iPhone 3 G, iPhone 3 G S and iPod touch. In principle, the iPod touch in the functionality differs hardly of the Smartphones of the manufacturer. Out of less unusual depth of the unit is missing only the phone functions and the A-GPS. Logically there is no unlock for the iPod touch, because it can be used anyway no SIM card. Jailbreak and unlock is possible also with the first generation iPhone, which I want to go here but no longer. Still, the firmware of the equipment plays an important role. Currently a jailbreak or unlock is version 3.1.2 for iPhone 3 G possible up to the firmware. Many users have rashly applied the firmware update 3.1.3 and making it impossible for the jailbreak. Because even the downgrade (i.e., playing on an earlier version) is not possible. As is the unlock of the iPhone 3 G with firmware version 3.1.2 is still possible. The iPhone 3 G s is the problem that many of the delivered, newer devices with the new firmware 3.1.3 have been sold and the jailbreak is not possible from the outset. More differentiated this is possible with some models, where but the unlock 3.1.3 version is currently not possible for all devices. Of all iPhone users who can no longer use maybe even a different SIM card, it is hoped that a new jailbreak for version 3.1.3 in the summer with the release of the new iPhone operating system will come out. If this is so, remains to be seen.

I will lose my warranty or warranty during the jailbreak or unlock?

Before we start with the question of a brief introduction, what is the difference between guarantee and warranty.

Guarantee and warranty

Warranty is required by law and and must be granted by the seller. This will be usually in German iPhone T-Mobile. Accordingly, there are 2 years warranty here. This includes defects that were present at the transfer of risk (generally, the transfer to the buyer). For six months, the buyer shall then time to assert these deficiencies in the means of rectification (repair/re-supply at its discretion), without having to prove that the defect existed at the transfer of risk. After six months the buyer must prove this, what is usually difficult after six months. This is only in atypical cases relevant be, where lack of clearly when you pass existed and the buyer asserted his rights not hat.D.h. the warranty the seller is six months usually after six months of useless, to assert his rights.

Warranty is a voluntary service of the manufacturer (not the seller’s, inasmuch as he is not at the same time a manufacturer), which is given to guarantee in addition to signal a special shelf life of the product and service of the manufacturer. Warranty provided by the manufacturer so one-sided. In the case of Apple Smartphones (iPhone 3 G and 3 G S) and Mp3 players, Apple granted a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. When error occurs, you can send the device directly to Apple which then repair the device or replace it. Extend Apple’s warranty with the so-called Apple protection plan that Apple can be but also well pay can be: in Germany, the extension of the guarantee for an iPhone 69,-€ will cost. Fortunately, good bargains can be make so that the warranty extend also considerably cheaper for Apple (about half of the price) from abroad (E.g. through ebay).

Jailbreak / unlock and loss of warranty/guarantee?

, First of all, a jailbreak is a modification of the software contrary to the guarantee conditions not tolerated by Apple. That is, it leads to an irreversible loss of the warranty any not permitted modification of the software. This applies to damages which are not related to the jailbreak, such as hairline cracks on the back of the iPhone then. These are no longer covered by a violation of Apple’s warranty. Here arises the possibility to do the jailbreak in hindsight unknowable, by making him undo. This can be done via iTunes restore, which causes according to expert statements in some forums that the jailbreak leaves its mark. For a complete removal, there is only the option with a different program, pwnage, Quickpwn or Winpwn, the jailbreak to remove. This loophole which is problematic if an iPhone or iPod touch with jailbreak has a damage that causes that you cannot recover it (E.g. a display damage). Then it could be difficult under certain circumstances, to claim the warranty, even if not the jailbreak has been the cause of the damage. The planned remarks apply not only for the jailbreak, but also for the unlock. This violates Apple’s warranty conditions and leads to a loss of warranty.
The legally prescribed warranty that the manufacturer (in this case T-Mobile) must be not goes out by playing on a jailbreak. As well, the unlock is not detrimental to the existence of the warranty claims. Here, only that there is a defect (E.g. a broken button) requirement. As long as it can be proven that the jailbreak not in connection with the damage falls (critical for software errors!), can guarantee claims are asserted. To avoid complications, but always the genuine should be played to.

Jailbreak and unlock the Apple iPad?

Apple’s iPad also runs the iPhone OS (with some modifications) and therefore also the typical restrictions, as is the case also with the iPhone. But: The iPad does not exist with power limitation. That is, Apple, iPad, there is also no unlock for that and there will be any in the future. You can any SIM card on any iPad factory (Note: micro SIM card is required) insert and use any mobile network. Otherwise it looks on the jailbreak: of course it can bring benefits to free the Apple Tablet PC from his chains and this was even possible one day after the publication in the United States.

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HTC wildfire: A Shiina Smartphone with friend steam and app sharing

The manufacturer HTC has developed his previously kontaktfreudigstes Smartphone: the HTC wildfire! The phone allows for easy mobile access to all social networks. Favorite applications can easily be shared with friends and all previous communication can be viewed quickly and easily with a friend at a glance. In addition to these practical features it’s otherwise a very well equipped smartphone.

Friend Stream

has at its new smartphone HTC – HTC wildfire – used the focus clearly on the fellowship. For this purpose, the Smartphone that looks according to, like a crossing from HTC desire and Google offers nexus one, for one the practical function of friend stream. This allows to stay anywhere in connection with all the friends and to be persisted on all activities taking place in the social networks up to date. Thanks to HTC friend stream, seen Facebook, Twitter and Flickr updates in a view and has access to it any time.

App Sharing

Also nice is the function app sharing, offering the HTC wildfire. This newly discovered apps can be share with friends. The apps can be loaded from the Android market download and his friends can be recommended then the favorite applications button.
It is convenient that the contact view in the address book is set up, you can get an overview of the complete previous communications with a view with a certain friend was no matter whether phone or texting. It has even updates on social networks for each of the friends at a glance. Call, shows not only the Facebook photo on display, but also the last update of the caller and also next upcoming birthday (practical for all forgetful).

Top facilities

The HTC wildfire has a 3.2 inch touchscreen and runs on a 528 MHz processor. The Smartphone has as the Android 2.1 operating system and like all HTC smartphones HTC sense user interface. Enough memory offers 512 MB Flash memory. Photos can be wonderful to shoot with the 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash.  On Board also HSPA, Wi-Fi, A-GPS and a MicroSD slot are.

Availability and price

The HTC wildfire on the market will be

end of June. We can inform you as soon as your phone with us is available. To do this simply click on the article page of the HTC wildfire, and then click “ notification when available ”. Once the cell phone is reachable, you receive free of charge and not binding an email reminder then from us. The price is without a contract on approx. 250 euro amounted to.

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