Palm Pixi: The cheap WebOS Smartphone comes after Germany?

In the United States, the new Palm Smartphone on the basis of the WebOS is released operating system already this November. The Smartphone named Palm Pixi is Palm Pre as well as the round forms and the most intuitive operating system WebOS. However, unlike the Palm Pre does not here but on the slider mechanism. Also it’s Palm Pixi still cheaper than the pre sold by O2 exclusive.

Palm Pixi: differences to the Palm Pre

the differences between Palm Pixi and Palm Pre are visually for the first time not so large: dominate rounded shapes and the plain black. In contrast to the pre the Palm Pixi is a slider and with 2.6 ″ (3.1 ″ for the Palm Pre) a smaller touchscreen.

Technically the two differ Palm Smartphones: the camera of the Palm pixi has a less megapixels, Wi-Fi is unfortunately also not integrated. Overall this has got Palm Pixi very slim (55 x 111 x 10, 85mm) and also quite easy with 99 g. The replaceable battery has a capacity of 1150 mAh. This is expected given the small display be sufficient.

, Also the removable upper shells are incentive for the buyer of the Palm pixi. Palm has presented here a selection, all quite colorful so coming and could well highlight the verpielte exterior of the Palm pixi.

WebOS – Palm OS

, The Palm operating system WebOS makes a good figure on the Palm Pixi. It’s intuitive and fast, especially the WebKit-based browser (similar to the Apple iPhone) is very fast. The Palm Pixi dominated multitasking as well as the Palm Pre.

Applications may be here by a movement with the fingers towards the top of the touch screen. This not only visually do something here, but is also quite practical!

Availability in Germany and price

Unfortunately we can not tell you when it appears Palm Pixi in Germany. If it appears, an exclusive marketing of O2 is very likely. With the Palm Pre developer and provider have worked closely, what fits well, because Palms devices are rather aimed at a younger buyers, who particularly want to speak to O2. It is definitely cheaper than the high-priced Palm Pre. We can learn of course free of charge, as soon as the Palm Pre in Germany is available.