Palm Pre – he is better than the Apple iPhone?

, Who or what is actually this Palm? And why is he taking a cell phone on the market? Manufacturer is there but really enough! Nothing better than Nokia, Sony Ericsson and co. can anyway or? Oh oh oh … if you are there times not wrong! To be more precise, we write in the year 2009, the 13. Remember this day, because on the day of the mobile world in Germany changed forever! The Palm Pre appears on the German market!

What can the pre?

A lot! You can tell even very much. The mobile phone is an experience for people who like many short messages and / or write emails. In addition, it is also ideal for surfing in Internet. But how the hell it gets to this balancing act? The Apple iPhone is great for mobile browsing, the Nokia E71 is great to the emails write. But both in one device United? Hard to believe but that exactly is the genius of the Palm Pre, because it combines a QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen in a single device. And that’s not all, because all this works also still wonderful without slowing operating system (Symbian S60 at the Nokia N97) or Designvergewaltigungen, as with other phones / smartphones of the competition … it works easily, quickly and well!

The pre has competition?

No! Processing, design, speed, and the excellent service of the operating system are simply outstanding. The Smartphone is in direct competition to the Apple iPhone, the Nokia N97 or the HTC Touch Pro 2. Each is a class product, but with the design, the great operating system (Web OS), and the ingenious combination of QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen that is simply unique Palm Pre!

But seriously, where are the weaknesses now?

OK, there are some. First, the Palm Pre supports any video recordings. On the other hand, the Palm Pre is not the library with its 8 GB deep memory (without memory card slot) for on the go. The question is always: who wants it? Can be said about any of the above: “ here I, even absolutely! ”, then you should look to for an another Smartphone. But for everyone else, the Palm Pre is really a class smart phone with the potential for a bestseller. You can order the Palm Pre, best with a combined telephone and data flat rate of O2, the mobile phone shop by

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as always, pictures say a thousand words. Here so a few impressions of the Palm pre:

or a nice video of the Palm Pre plus? Like! Here just look at: