Paris: Chanel

This time there was a setting of wind turbines and solar collectors at the Grand Palais. Hm. I don’t understand what that is. Will Karl Lagerfeld on the old days still be an eco? and are the dresses from organic textiles? Questions about questions. They remain open, so we dedicate ourselves to fashion. I am of the opinion that Lagerfeld always delivers a successful and a less successful collection. Now I have to revise my own statement, but in the light of the fact that I was probably the only one who liked the collection with the crystals in the winter. I’m still standing here today.

So and now this here: She has also succeeded, but somehow also boring. I have a deja-vu, maybe because we’ve just seen these dresses before. Haute couture a few seasons ago. Lagerfeld has been in the house for almost 30 years. Something like that can happen.
I like the shoes here, even if I don’t wear them. And the trousers look good too. Such a kind of motorcycle nylon fabric would have to be and the little Chanel-bolero-jacket is a good crossdressing.
It looks like the 70s-France Gall: Poupée de Cire. It is also due to the bright raincoat and because it is so funny.
Let’s get to the more interesting models: I’m going to pick two out.
Don’t just look at the bag, which I think is absolutely funny, by the way. Here at allcitycodes you can get more handbags models. Check out the swimsuit. That’s great.
This is also the force: a tunic-like part. Super Casual – and that of Chanel. Look at the picture like Tweed, but think that’s different. Maybe a Sommertweed of silk. You’d have to see live, but we’re never invited. At the end of the show there were still nice coarse leinenkleider, which were embroidered with flowers. Nice, too. But now the Crystal collection comes into the trade. It has a lot of new features and very nice items.