Party Dresses Trends

The year 2013 has barely begun, but trends in dresses for parties in 2014 have already begun. Once the silhouette will be the focus of the next year, balloon dress models will enter everything on the runways to highlight the hips and at the same time sharpen the waistline.

So, for those of you who want to stay on top of the upcoming releases, here’s the party dresses for 2014:

Evening Dresses For Summer 2014

Given that next year the attributes will turn to legs and hips, the trend in party dresses for summer 2014 will come with ruffled and stuffed models at the bottom of the piece. The pleated dresses, which are also more bulky, will also be accepted, so that the summer colors will be the lightest and in floral prints.

The wedding dress models in 2014 will also offer a special highlight to the shoulders, proposing a more upright posture and a more elegant floor. On the feet, it will be possible to abuse the long sandals and with straps in the legs, using shorter dresses to show well the footwear.

Models Of Dresses For Winter 2014

During the winter of 2014, at parties it is worth giving greater importance to the waist and abuse of accessories such as belts and corsets to give a more defined silhouette, next to the models of greater volume in the hip. The synthetic fur coats in the collar region will also be excellent accessories that will highlight the dress and offer a special refinement in the look.

The most used colors of party dresses in 2014 during the coldest season of the year will be the darker ones, such as black, navy blue, burgundy and emerald green, so that the boots combined with the dresses will also form a perfect composition and very sensual to the look.