Pavlok Shock Clock Review

The start-up has Pavlok Shock Clock, a connected strap to replace the alarm clocks. To wake the wearer, the accessory administers a mild electric shock.

If you’re the type to postpone several times the alarm on your smartphone, to the point of waking up late and have to run to get to work, Pavlok may have the solution that suits you. The Shock Clock wristband offers a radical approach to draw you from the bed

Progressive packaging

With the companion app, you can set the alarm time. In due course, the bracelet sends first a slight vibration. If the user does not respond, a loud alarm will sound. If the accessory holder still does not wake up, a relatively painful electric shock is inflicted.

The principle is based Pavlov’s dog packaging. Indeed, over time, your brain is supposed to adapt to avoid the unpleasant feeling pain of electric shock. Within weeks, you naturally wake up at the first vibration.

A second product

This product is also the second manufacturer. The original strap Pavlok based on the same method in order to rid the user of his bad habits. The Shock Clock is actually a less expensive and less versatile version.

The Pavlok is priced at 169 dollars, while the Shock Clock is available for $ 99. At the release of the new bracelet, in September, the Pavlok will be updated to offer this new alarm functionality.

Campaign on Indiegogo

Although Shock Clock is already finalized, Pavlok has posted a wood clock on The interest is to promote this wearable, and the campaign goal is limited to only 1000 dollars. Suffice to say that this goal was quickly achieved. However, the firm says that $ 50,000 crowdfunding, the Shock Clock will be enhanced to offer all the features of the original bracelet.