Pebble Smart Watch Red

Time Steel Smartwatch is a collection of Pebble SmartWatch we had in the office to try and impressions are overwhelmingly positive. Clever enough to watch that you do not need a daily charge.

As a relatively significant advantage at Pebble Time steel I see the fact that at first glance is not even know that you have on hand LED smartwatch from centralledwatch. It’s not necessary right megaphone to the world. If you stand on it, you need to take the Huawei LED Watch that will grab everyone’s attention.

Pebble is suitable for daytime wear and sports activities. The main advantage is – although contactless – display technology but with the e-paper. The data are thus easily readable even in bright sunlight, but mainly because they have him watch low consumption. They can remain permanently switched on, but it is of course necessary. Watch last full day to day operations and more than seven days without the charger.

Controlling watch is intuitive to navigate menus and applications serving side buttons. Pebble watches are compatible with Android phones and Apple’s iOS. Users to watch, there are thousands of different applications and displays. It is possible with them also control music playback to receive notification of calls and messages from your phone.

Watches monitor the daily user activity and sleep, watch movement, promote fitness applications such as Endomondo, iSki Tracker and RunKeeper. I wore a watch and fitness bracelet Jawbone 3 on the same hand, and measured the number of steps each device throughout the day differed only in small volumes.

Watch this for the second series are ready for the smart tapes, which customers will be able in the future to replace their current one. Tapes will in itself e.g. external battery, GPS, payment chip and a sensor to detect air pollution.

Watches started in the Czech Republic became the first operator O2 sell for around 4,700 crowns.