Phablets: Sony Xperia Z ultra vs. Samsung Galaxy mega 6.3

Large smart phones with large displays are currently in vogue: the so-called Phablets Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Samsung Galaxy mega 6.3 currently represent the cutting edge in terms of size. The very flat Sony Xperia Z ultra (6. 5mm) is a real feast for the eyes, the Samsung Galaxy mega thanks to lots of glass and aluminium 6.3 despite Samsung typical plastic handy and elegant feel. Which of the two is the better Phablet? We are trying to assess.


Input I have mentioned already, the optics of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra: a 6, 5mm flat, edgy housing that is also waterproof and dust-proof, the Samsung Galaxy has little to offer mega 6.3. The plastic housing is only slightly lighter (199 g instead of 212 g), it remains as well. Thanks to the rounded corners and the slightly smaller display, the Samsung Galaxy mega is 6.3 slightly smaller, but this makes everything no significant difference. Also Samsung has not set atypical when the display on a super AMOLED, but on an LCD display with 6.3 ″ diagonal and a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels. The image quality is very good, but a “ retina ” display is not (233 DPI), there is the Sony Xperia Z ultra with his full-HD (1920 × 1080 pixels, 344 DPI) clearly at an advantage.


Technology: Xperia Z Ultra is a next generation

Similarly, the processor: here is the very potent equipped and simple quad-core of the Sony Xperia Z ultra with the Snapdragon 800 a generation more than the Snapdragon 400 at the Galaxy mega 6.3. Otherwise, the opponents barely differ: both Phablets have 8 megapixel cameras, LTE, NFC, HSPA + and run with Android 4.2. In the internal memory, the Sony Xperia has even more to offer ultra Z (16 gb instead of only 8 gb in the Galaxy mega), expandable, but are both smartphones with a micro-SD card. The winner of the duel? Clear: The Sony Xperia Z ultra thanks to better housing quality, faster hardware and more memory is. However one must keep in mind that the Samsung Galaxy mega 6.3 is available (the Xperia Z to appear ultra in September 2013), has a better battery life and be something better is ultra at the start as the Xperia Z.

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