Pokemon GO 0.39.0 Is Here with Changes Somewhat Disappointing (APK)

For some reason, whenever Niantic makes a statement about what is coming to us in Pokémon GO, rather than capture the interest of the users lately that capture is the IRA. It happened when it was announced that he would be available for Apple Watch, with the next update to improve the support of Pokemon Plus and even with the latest update which brought us some changes to enter the Pokémon companion.

The response of the community is generally as follows: “really wasn’t there more important things to add or correct? “.” On this occasion I am afraid that that will probably also be your opinion to know what is upon us in Pokemon GO 0.39.0, the next update that is already under way. The novelties fit into an adhesive Note: Pokemon They show where captured, able to capture Pokemon found with incense using Pokemon GO Plus and minor bugfixes. It’s over.

Where I this Pokémon captured?

Niantic not to make us salivate with the idea of including battles between users or exchange of Pokemon, but in truth the updates so far are being very risky, with a unique novelty as much, and often not that we were expecting. Here is the disappointment.

0.39.0 on Android version, this novelty is simply remember where capture the Pokémon in question. Except enliven your memory on that sunny afternoon where you found a Ratata with 10 COP on the street next to your House, does not alter the game and helps reduce the repetition of the same, which is beginning to pass bill after a few months of launch.

Otherwise, include improvements of rigour about Pokemon GO Plus accessory. Specifically, it is possible to capture through fashion bracelet those Pokemon that appear on your radar because you are using an incense and not because they were already there through the afternoon.

The update 0.39.0 It is unfolding right now in Google Play, but someone very fast has already uploaded it to APKMirror, you can it Download aquí.a