Pregnancy T-shirts

“Baby Under Construction” T-Shirts

Yummy t-shirt in soft stretch material, with the text “Baby Under Construction”. The t-shirt has a round neck and carried out in strong stretch material, which makes it nice shapes itself according to your stomach.

 Pregnancy T-shirts

Fun t-shirt which tells all!


This everyday wait t-shirt is an important piece in your maternity wardrobe. The extra long length makes it ideal for layering. It is not only super-elastic, but soft and comfy, just perfect salini way through your pregnancy.


This style works particularly well during pregnancy, amine, and after pregnancy.

This beautiful white shirt is made of a soft blend of viscose and elastane for provides super-extensibility for you and your stomach. The shirt also has a delicious cross-over design and a v-neck collar. Perfect for relaxation, the Office or even smart to party. The shirt is characterized by giving support to the stomach and easy breastfeeding, what more could you want?

Delicious sucker/wait pregnant shirts!