Pregnancy to Remember! Ideas for Your Book Pregnant

Pregnancy is a singular moment in the lives of women. Being the first, second or even third child, there’s no denying the whirlwind of emotions are on edge when we are expecting a new life. Nothing better than to perpetuate this moment, right? To help you, we talk with photographers Anna Gg and Karla Magueta, of Sao Paulo, which gave us amazing tips for you to make a book woman unforgettable.

Pregnancy to Remember! Ideas for Your Book Pregnant

Plan your essay

Karla explains that the pictures of pregnant women should be made between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy, because during this period it is possible to see a more beautiful and apparent, in addition to avoid all the tiredness of the ninth month, next to the day of the delivery. Anna says that the type of test varies greatly, from exteriors to inside the home of the mother-to-be, but note that the preference of their customers is for pictures taken in parks, with nature as the main setting.


Feel with the photographer and explain to him exactly what you want, since this is your moment. Look for a professional who has anything to do with you “the most important thing is to get someone who can understand that sometimes breaks are needed in the middle of the session, since the body works in double during pregnancy and that tired,” suggests Karla.

The pictures of pregnant women vary according to the preference of gravidinha. You can get them in external locations, as we have already said, but the Photo Studio is also a good option. If you want, you can use a costume design that refer to the magic of pregnancy and even risk a fun fantasy.


Anna explains that the demand for books pregnancy became popular a while back here: “Lately there are many photographers working in the same area, and the offer has increased, therefore the demand, too. Today people are planning to have a child, so the photo shoot becomes essential for the family “. Karla says the popularity also came through social networks, where people have more choice of photographers, and are constantly in touch with new ideas.


Photographers explain that values vary greatly according to the professional experience, the region in which it operates and number of photos that make up the book pregnant women as a whole. They may vary between R$ 400.00, 500.00, R$ R$ 1000 and 3500 R$. The photographer’s knowledge, techniques and ability to develop exactly what the woman wants are key points.


Her book pregnant woman should be a representation of your style, that’s why it’s so important to dialogue with the photographer. Photos without many poses, taken at home or in casual places are the stakes of Anna Gg like current trend. Karla Magueta likes to photograph capturing the thrill of women, conducting a rehearsal by the idea of the importance of that moment.

More artistic or more neutral, the important thing is that the book pregnant women can perpetuate that which is most important to you: the arrival of a new life!