Quick Draw, The IA of Google That Puts to Test Your Skills of Drawing

Google is betting strong on artificial intelligence and we have test with Google Assistant, the new virtual assistant that comes standard on the Google Pixel. However, it is not the sole invention of the company in this field, Google is also experimenting with other IA as Quick Draw proposals.

Quick Draw is a tool capable of recognizing objects from quick sketches. But despite being a simple game (very addictive, by the way), behind has a complex artificial neural network that is becoming more intelligent as we test our skills of drawing.

Can a neural network learn to recognize sketches? Thus arises Quick Draw, an apparently simple and extremely addictive online game in which proposed draw various objects or animals and the fortune teller.

When we started playing it enables us to draw something, for example in the picture above he asked us do a Sun, but you will only have 20 seconds to do so. If you are fast and your drawing is relatively acceptable Google AI guess it and you can move to the next drawing. When you have completed six drawings tool you will compliment or will tell you that better your drawings.

The most fun of Goole Quick Draw is without a doubt listen how you are saying what seems your drawing as you’re drawing it. For example when you draw an Apple first said he saw a potato, then a heart and finally he was right, but only when we add the top sheet.

As we said, Quick Draw is an online tool, so you can access both from the browser on your computer and on your mobile, where it is easier to draw on the touch panel that with the mouse. Try your luck and tell us what such drawings you have left.