Recycled Water Bottles Should Be Washed Daily

Although they are only filled with water can grow fungi and bacteria harmful for health. These containers do reuse but fulfilling some simple hygiene measures.

If retailers do not sell mineral water, as it is happening now, not is obliged to use several times the bottles, filling them in the home or office. However, it is necessary to take some simple steps to prevent bacteria grow and may impair health.

First that nothing should be washed daily, as any Cookware, with SOAP and water and let them drain. Mariángel Paolini, Director of safe kitchen suggests to make special emphasis on the part that comes in contact with the mouth “because there are residues of saliva with micro-organisms”.

Bottles that packaged water business is designed for single use only. However, if they are of PET plastic material can always be used more times that washed and not deteriorating physically. “Some studies done by Water Bottles Shop, although nascent, suggest that the scratches, scrapes, and rods in the body of the bottle can accumulate dirt and bacteria that are transmitted to who drink the water,” said Paolini.

To know if a bottle is PET we will turn it around and see if it has a symbol of a small triangle. “Apparently, and based on studies emerging, recycled PET bottles does not offer any health hazard”, said Paolini. Your life will depend on how concerned: if much is exposed to heat, if it received blows inside the bag that goes or if it falls, must be changed more quickly.

Not all plastic bottles of the brands that are sold in Venezuela are PET. In fact, according to survey conducted by El Universal, only one of the two major brands is manufactured with this material, while some lesser-known brands are PET. This does not imply any difference in the benefit of water for health, is a relevant information only if it is intended to reuse the container.

The bottles that are going to recycle should be washed and fill up quickly, without letting them stand for many days with wet bottom because you can grow fungi. So, if you forgot to fill one, the best thing to do is to throw away the.

Save the bottles with water in the fridge can create a barrier against microorganisms, due to low temperature, but Paolini doesn’t look very necessary. It is preferable to care for them from bumps and scratches and keep them clean.

When a bottle smells bad, we must discard: has bacteria. However, pollution alerts not always with the smell, that should permanently keep hygienic measures. The microorganisms in the saliva can generate pictures of diarrhea and upset stomach, particularly in children, who are most vulnerable.

“If it has decided to recycle containers, may be a good investment buy a special bottle for water, which can be of stainless steel or plastic PET resistant. “That Yes, those should also be washing them”, concludes.