Q: Samsung Ativ high-end hybrid with Windows 8 and Android

A tablet with Windows 8 and Android … crazy? Maybe – is maybe the Samsung Ativ Q but also a brilliant move by Samsung, to the criticism of two “ worlds ”, finally help so notebook and tablet,. You can have fun with a notebook, with a Tablet, you can not creative work? The solution is good – when it comes to Samsung – Samsung Ativ Q. But what can the high-end hybrid with Windows 8 and Android, which let talk but also extreme price of extreme display resolution.


The idea behind the Samsung Ativ Q: a high quality Tablet (or: convertible) create for users who want to work primarily with Windows 8, but still want to use Android. Work may be taken in quiet seriously, because the Tablet is hardware more equated with a Ultrabook and even a full-fledged put it in the Samsung Ativ Q Intel Core i5. In addition to 13.3 ″ large display in previously unimagined regions in terms of resolution to advance: whopping 3200 × 1800 pixels sound after real pixel craze, but 275 dpi resolution is not so great compared to Smartphones (comparison: the HTC one has 468 DPI), but sets standards in terms of notebooks and tablets. So hot, a MacBook Pro with retina display (227 DPI) is not even. Has also a price: the exceptional high-end hybrid will cost supposedly about €1600,-.


The best of two worlds: how the Ativ Q

take a full-fledged Windows 8 and mix it with strong hardware, which can emulate Android and mix the whole thing with some customization of the keyboard and the software, the Samsung Ativ Q is finished. So similar to the system could describe, with the Samsung wants to sell the exotics. Basically, the Samsung Ativ Q running Windows 8 in a full version that has no restrictions with regard to the installation of desktop software. A complete “ dual installation ” with Android, the Samsung Ativ does not offer Q, this is technically not possible: Android is not running with the same architecture as Windows 8 and can be operated within Windows only via emulation. It is so a computing environment within Windows 8 simulated, which cope with Android.

This to work quite well so far: with the hardware button 8 and Android can be immediately by Windows switch. This works smoothly, and despite the extreme resolution, Android runs smoothly. The Android interface games can be on as usual install, look at photos and launch other apps. The emulation has thus no noticeable disadvantages, even the Google play store has been fully integrated in the Samsung Ativ Q. I.e. you can use as a whole actually three systems: Windows 8 as a desktop view, Windows 8 tablet view (formerly “ Metro ”) and Android – class!

Processing and design

So crazy as the idea of the Samsung Ativ is Q, it simply looks like a mature product and is by the Ultrabook Department of Samsung (positive) been influenced. Closed – as a tablet with the display to the outside – the Samsung Ativ Q is only 12, 9 mm thick, which roughly corresponds to Ultrabook mass. The front is completely shiny, below the keyboard part is a stylish aluminium frame. The display can be tilted into different positions – so the part with the small keyboard can be used as keyboard or as a stand for viewing media with the Samsung Ativ Q.


The housing material one has looked off something is at business laptops, because the housing is made of lightweight and durable magnesium, which it ensures that the Samsung Ativ Q looks high quality, is hard-wearing and easy. It is also managed: with only 1, 29kg the Samsung Ativ Q is a light-weight really.

Overall, the processing acts mature, what we expect but also when such a high-end device. The display hinges are stable and hold the 13.3 ″ display in each position wobble free. The keyboard has by the way not a touchpad, but (much like in IBM/Lenovo notebooks) a trackball, the man quickly can get, to operate the mouse pointer.

Hardware: hardcore resolution meets Intel HASWELL

First the display benchmark: the 13.3 ″ large display dissolves with fabulous 3200 × 1800 pixels, i.e. it is very difficult to see individual pixels with the naked eye on the device. This ensures sharp images in Android and Windows 8, should also provide compatibility issues, whether it be Windows programs or Android apps. How big is the resolution, illustrates the desktop view, the icons are very small. Samsung but makes for better use of the large resolution a stylus (“ S pen ”), with the small screen content better meet than with the finger.


In the Interior of the Samsung Ativ Q not tablet or Smartphone hardware, but a genuine Ultrabook working processor from the blow of an Intel Core i5 (Intel Core i5 4200U 1.6 GHz) of the latest generation (“ Intel HASWELL ”). Thus, the Samsung Ativ playing Q in a completely different League than, for example, the Apple iPad, but it is rather similar to the Microsoft surface Pro. That set up the fast processors but also ensures a shorter battery life: how this turns out in the flat Samsung Ativ Q, is not known, “ Tablet runtimes ” à la 9 to 10 hours I would not expect but.

Also the rich 4 gb memory and a 256 gb SSD large (+ micro SD slot) speak only one language: high-end hardware without compromises. Given the size, the performance is unbeatable. Even USB 3.0 is available. A constraint that frankly has surprised me, surprised me but: HSPA and LTE is not available, the Samsung Ativ Q comes complete without mobile phone. Who so traveling want to surf Q with the Samsung Ativ in the Internet, relies on Wi-Fi and probably must use your phone for tethering.

Conclusion, availability and price

Who can afford it, get with the Samsung Ativ Q

a technically really crazy device: the brute display resolution, the performance of the processor, the dual operating system and product design. What could still disrupt Q on the Samsung Ativ is the battery life on the one, on the other hand the high price could be good just too much many. Because I think the Samsung Ativ Q will be barely less than €1500, what but seems justified given the hardware and equipment. Whether for such high prices a Windows 8-Android hybrid really finds its target audience? Find it difficult to tell I think business users are but attractive due to its flexibility the total package. So you can cheer up even a flight or a long ride to the ICE with a round of Angry birds, which is not possible with a conventional Ultrabook.

If you are interested in the Samsung Ativ Q: we will soon offer shop the high-end hybrids in the bridgat. The price is – as announced in the article – is not currently known. As soon as more information is available, we will update this article and indicate the price and the release of the Samsung Ativ Q with an update.