Samsung B3310 and B3410: Tweeting, emailing, Instant Messaging at the discount price

Samsung currently with a number of cheaper models waiting, therefore coming despite the price touch screen with optimization on social services. In addition to models of Samsung S5230 star and S3510 Corby there soon the Samsung B3310 and the B3410. Great innovation of the models compared to the Corby or also star: Here a slide out QWERTY keyboard will be integrated, which should make possible the input of long text.

Samsung B3410 – Corby with QWERTY keyboard

, The form factor of the 114 g of light phones reminds a little of the Samsung S3510 Corby. Overall the Samsung B3410 acts but little pup, even if the target audience will be very similar. Also the Samsung B3410 is rather aimed at a young target group and users of social networks. While the display is only 2.6 ″ large and with a resolution of 320 × 240 pixels not too highly resolved, but yes also a full QWERTY keyboard is integrated. All other inputs as sufficient for display with finger operation always.

Unfortunately, Samsung has once again saved connectivity, so that real Internet browsing via GPRS to the mobile phone network is likely to torment. That’s enough really only for short messages with widget for Facebook or Twitter. Show correct Web pages will probably very difficult at this rate, unless it is limited on mobile Web pages.

Music can also play back. But before you can play his Mp3s on the device, one must be first a micro SD card purchase: the internal memory is hardly worth. After all, a 3, 5 mm jack is reserved, so that you can connect to the same any any headphone.

Samsung B3310 – youth mobile phone: colorful and flashy

“ Hui, bold colour ” you will surely think. In addition to this extreme variant of Turquoise, the Samsung B3310 is guaranteed even in “ normal ” colors be available, which is burning at the sight in the eye. In addition to the stark color, also the design of the phone is very unusual. So, a keypad is located on the front of the sliders. The screen is 2 ″ significantly less fancy than the Samsung B3410 – there’s also no touch screen.

The criticisms here similar to be like with the Samsung B3410. Despite optimization on social services like Twitter or Facebook, Samsung bought the one dough phone no high-speed Internet access: Wi-Fi or HSDPA is integrated. But: With the built-in widgets, it is of course possible to send resourcensparend messages and receive. Real Internet surfing will be possible but not on the Samsung B3310. At least users should be limited to mobile Web pages, can be relatively fast download.

Availability and price: Samsung B3310 and B3410

Two new entry-level phones from Samsung are now in the bridgat mobile phone shop available for less than 200,-€. We recommend this book for the use of the Internet functions equal to a suitable data plan. A flat-rate tariff is worth in a small amount of data. Very cheap they get away now with the E-plus Vybemobile, having not always optimal network coverage. You currently have the best possible coverage with tariffs from T-Mobile and Vodafone. O2 is in the midfield.