Samsung Galaxy ACE 3 Review

The Samsung product range is so large that you have to actually think, it would be slow enough. Actually, the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini fills already the gap of an affordable mid-range smartphones with Android. The Samsung Galaxy ACE 3 is priced but again with a RRP of €269,-well below the very high-priced Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and could therefore constitute an interesting alternative is.

With a 4 ″ display is also not quite as large as the current generation of high-end smartphones, where the trend of towards ever larger displays is now unstoppable. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy ACE 3 should ever be interesting for all, including the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with 4.3 ″ display is still slightly too big. At the Samsung Galaxy ACE 3 it is necessary at the 4 ″ display but unfortunately without a HD resolution. Rather, it provides 4 ″ dar display 800 × 480 pixels, which is 233 DPI – here is so you have to count with less sharpness than for high-end smartphones.

Processor taktet with 1.2 GHz. internally are the integrated dual-core Android 4.2 Smartphone 8 gb memory available (around 5 gb free usable), which can be expanded via Microsd card. The camera on the back has 5 megapixel front-facing camera only a VGA (640 × 480) resolution. Designtechnisch you must not expect miracles at the Galaxy ACE 3: it is about 10 mm (exactly: 9, 99mm) thick, made of polycarbonate and is solid overall, but unadorned. It will appear even a scaled-down version without LTE in which then shrinks the internal memory on 4 gb and the slower (1 GHz instead of 1.2 GHz) processor is clocked at. Both smartphones are to have shop around from July 2013 in the bridgat.