Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Straight has Samsung Samsung Galaxy touch 3 presented a real blast and with this new Super-Smartphone together the watch (or even “ Smartwatch ”) Samsung Galaxy gear. At the IFA was seen the Smartwatch now, with which you shoot (1.9 megapixel camera), phone (via Bluetooth with your phone) and even customized apps can use.

Another question is whether you can use the Samsung Galaxy gear Smartwatch then ultimately reasonable in everyday or want, because the battery must be charged probably every day. It does not have a directly available cable, but rather cumbersome over a charging cradle, which you have to create the Smartwatch, to then plug in a cable to.

Who can live with it, can look at the Samsung Galaxy gear via a nice toy forward (by the way, with 800 MHz single core processor and 512mb of RAM). The 1.63 ″ large display has a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels and thus provides an amazing sharpness (277 DPI). At least read the time of day is not complicated: the Samsung Galaxy gear has installed a sensor which switches the display, as soon as one raises his arm to read the time. Can the competition from Sony, the Smartwatch2 (we reported), in this form not! What will cost the Samsung Galaxy gear, Samsung has not betrayed, I reckon with a MSRP between 200 and 300 €.