Samsung Galaxy touch 10.1: Snapdragon 800 + mega resolution

* Update 21.09.13 * now all details to the Samsung Galaxy are 10.1 Edition Note 2014 officially. All the details have come true: it is the tablet with high resolution (WQHD) and Snapdragon 800 is one of the most powerful tablets with Android on the market. How even with the Samsung Galaxy touch 3 includes the operating concept the in-house stylus “ S pen ”, which belongs to the scope of delivery. The mobile data connection is especially good because the Samsung Galaxy touch 10.1 Edition 2014 (depending on equipment) LTE incorporates.

Which last more than 12 ″ Tablet circulated through the Gerüchteküchen of the Internet, has turned out well as Samsung Galaxy touch 10.1 2014: that with a 10.1 ″ equipped tablet from Samsung comes with a super fast 800 Snapdragon chipset and a display with higher resolution than full HD (2560 × 1600 pixels, whopping 298.9 DPI). Samsung so that a trend is approaching, which just unfortunately prevails at the tablets – hardware current tablets often with high-end smartphones can keep up with. So for example the Sony Xperia Tablet has a significantly slower chip set as, for example, the HTC one or the Sony Xperia Z Z with the Snapdragon S4 + ultra. Not so the Samsung Galaxy touch 10.1 2014: the new Tablet comes with a top chip set (Snapdragon 800 with quad-core processor, 3 gb memory) and a top display.

Internally, optional 16 gb, 32 gb, or 64 gb memory to choose should be, which can be extended but always by micro-SD slot. Visually the Samsung Galaxy reminiscent touch 10.1 2014 of course the Smartphone counterparts Samsung Galaxy touch 3 and who has inherited the back of the leather, to miss a business look the device. Also on board are the stylus “ S pen ” and the integrated S-pen features in the operating system Android. This month, the Samsung Galaxy to come touch 10.1 2014 in the German market, the price is still unknown.